Revenge Review: Mommy Dearest

You must not have watched the same show I did. Eli isn't on "team Emily" or he wouldn't have blindsided her as he did. .. .the only thing he accomplished was to put a target on himself for the Grayson/s. . . . Eli will out her the first chance he gets. . he is jealous and too emotional. The entire story has devolved into unwatchable drivel . .. a great first season has been overtaken by a bunch of hollywood hacks who have destroyed this show. . .at this rate, season 3 will be the final year. . . it's really sad

One Tree Hill Sneak Peek: Will Dan Scott Survive?

They have made a hero out of a piece of societal waste.. . they should have some cop shot him when he is raping Jamie. . .or Brooke. . .. HE is SCUM

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