Blue Bloods Review: The Fine Line

The reason I still like this show is the realistic dialog, e.g., Erin's demands of her ex, the way the family treated the ex, what Danny said "What I wanted to tell him was go ahead and shoot the son of a bitch and let's be done with it."
I agree with the above comment, the party was nice but I still missed Sunday Family dinner.

NCIS: Los Angeles Review: It's Not a Game

I agree with Alisa, Gibbs would not have let it slide. However, in light of the mission, how about a few/couple/several weeks of BUD/S training as punishment?

Missing Review: Alliances

Did hard drive put Lussier's info on the net? Not Wiki-leaks but close enough.

Person of Interest Review: Tough Decisions

I agree with Auxil, The Equalizer was excellent. I only gave it three stars because I want Reese to be more active/executioner. As long as it is justified, kill the SOBs. Our Justice dept doesn't, someone should. The rapist should have been killed or better yet, castrated - bullet in the cajones and then call the ambulance!

Blue Bloods Review: "Friendly Fire"

Although I like most of this episode, the last bit rankled and I didn't think Frank would have let his son off the hook for disobeying policy (stake out without approval.) Bad karma. And he was so good when he followed procedure with the IA investigation, etc.

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