1.RIP Storybrooke! I will miss it, yes it was just a small town in Maine but so many things happened there, so many beautiful scenes took place there I just have to miss it. I'm really interested to see the characters out in the open and crying after electric devices etc.
2.The curse thingy!? It was really odd as Carla said that Tinker, Neal and Hook who weren't brought to "our" world by the curse had to leave. But maybe we'll get some answers in 3b premier.
3.The Hero? Rumple mostly cause he got over all of his fears and just did what he needed so his kid be happy. Then Regina cause she finally wasn't egoistic and let go as well.
4.Captain Swan. They are so pushing towards it so I couldn't be happier. They were really subtle with pushing them, they were there but not prominent but her look while saying him good bye she didn't need to say anything.
5.Villains? No they didn't redeemed them self but they stepped away from the hate and went a completely different way.
6.Rumple dead? Rumple yes but the dark one I think no . But I think they will mess things up with going for a little Nelle, I see them having solid chemistry.
7.Fav scene? Besides Rumple dying, the ending was ground breaking and set a complete new not to the show.


Really really great episode.
And watching it made me even more sad they didn't exploit the Mother more. Her creeping out Marshall was awesome.
The lead singer thing was kind of funny but I loved how the gang played out their emotions. Really looking forward to the last 9 episodes.


1.Fav scen? Katherina telling damon she slept with Stefan, and considering Nina & Ian were an item it was probably really hard to shot it. Besides that Nadia is getting under my skin, she should turn down the akcent and I could imagine her stay.
2.Katarina can't die, at least not till the love stories get to some stellar place aka Elena runs off with Enzo, than we won't need KATARINA:
3.End for delena? of course not, elena is a klingy girl remember how she stalked Stefan in s03 that is a possesive bitch. And I look forward to see how they will handle it along.
4."Monster" inslut. I mean monsters don't feel anything but damon feels it all & enjoys it.
5. Grade S05? Hmmm they really don't use their resurces well I give them a B- . I mean Silas was so awesome, and they took him away so easily and pointlessly. I mean they had more space for that. Bonnie & Caroline had more space to develop and as always let get behind for trio drama. The writers should remember the fans came for the Love Triangle but stayed for Foorwood, Katarina, The Orig's etc etc etc.

Arrow Round Table: "Three Ghosts"

Great Rt, but I believe the last one was better ;)
1. The choice. I don't know it's odd I really can't tell. Either way it was a big plot point / gamechanger and I'm not okay with the way they handled it. I loved Sara choose to protect Oli in front of Slade. Where is this story heading? Some great Oliver-Slade and Oliver-Sara scenes. Ivo will probably be eaten by Slade and slip the information that Oliver choose Sara. I hope for some creepy boat scenes, I love the boat.
2.Mirakuru Roy. I think Oliver will try to find a cure and being in civilization could maybe even make it happen. I hope for some real Roy-Oliver Arrow scenes. They honestly need to connect, Roy needs someone who is strong enough to take his crap, Thea has enough problems and he can't really put preassure on her.
3.Felicity taking charge? I love her being bossy, I think there will still be a bit awkwardness between her and Oliver. Honestly it seems a bit like Becoming Chloe Sullivan, but Felicity is a lot sexier.
4.The Catalyst? I think it was Oliver feeling powerless. Just like he felt when he had to choose between the girls. He had 3 creatures on his shoulders but he choose his true inner voice not the innocent boy he was before the island(shado), not the Killer he became(Slade) he choose the human side of him the really one the one who can stand by his mistakes.
5. Slade In da House! I want him to torture Oliver, bring back memories, painful memories they hunt them from the moment they left the island. So just the usual. I mean Slade is such a smart guy, he will play his cards right.I believe there could be a choosing scene, but it could involve not 2 girls but 3(Fel,Laurel & Sara).
6. My Thoughts? Kudos to Grant Gustin being such a tiny guy and be able to stand up to Oliver is a big deal. The Flash transformation scene was neat, as I said in the review comments think Barry will fall into a Coma till his pilot gets shot. And I think I'm the only one glad to see Laurel again. I really want some real development it has not to be Sara related.

Revenge Review: Things Fall Apart

It was a bit anticlimatic I mean I was waiting and waiting to see the shoter but it didn't felt like anything changed I missed the wOw factor. I mean it some things/scenes were really well developt Victoria, Victoria vs Emily, Patrick, Polan. But Lydia and Sara's suicidde attempt were just ridicouless. Sara is a strong person a fighter and now she wants to kill herself, no just not right, out of character. Lydia it was just to plot devicy to conveniet and easy for Em's plan to fail.
WHY didn't daniel react to Aiden kidnapping his Mom? daniel being the shooter was a real surprise I mean the guy never had balls to do anything and a little boose makes him a killer. 2 people in one summer.
I look forward to amnesia Emily and just how all the things will play out .


in the preview for the next ep you see Snow saing we are back. so they most likely didn't .


It was a great episode and I'm glad the Neverland story came to an end, at least for now, cause it wasn't well executed in my opinion. First of all Robert C. did such a great job, I loved all scenes including him even the flashback. I honestl thought he would go for his arm, cause we all new he could restore it like he did with Walsh's arm. But the fear, the strength, the love Robert show in this episode was just great.
I expected Emma and Henry to go back to the 'normal' world but not losing their memories and a year passing by. Emma & Regina had some strong lines and the whole goodbye scene was really sad, I honestly felt with Snow when she had to let go of Emma again.
I'm glad the story is headed back to the Enchanted forest and the real thing I wanna see is Snow & Regina be Bff's.


Ironic is I just downloaded the new Oz movie. I think it's a not such a clever move to introduce the Oz story now. There are to many Oz based pilot's coming up, I think it would be smarter to go with the King Arthur story or so. But maybe it's better now than before all the others come to play.
I just realized the out of nowhere mention of the Black Fairy or let's calL her Rapunzel? I mean casting a black actress for Rapunzel would make a bit more sense.

The Carrie Diaries Review: Rumor Has it

This was a really solid episode, probably best of the season so far.
Mouse and her boyfriend were so hilarious, he is such a sweet guy and he was so childish, if he hadn't does biceps you would think he is really 18. donna had some solid lines hopefully she gets a storyline on her own.
The Carrie, Weaver and Bastian drama was on peak tonight and it was really good. Weaver being a douche was really suiting his character, a spoiled underappreciated boy who is just mad he didn't got what he want. But I assume the actor will get a CW Lead Role soon,pretty face. Carrie carrying more about her and Seb was odd, but I think it's part of her growing up and becoming the girl we all love and cherish.
Sam, Larissa, Bennet and Walt were really funny, they should have more scenes together. I was just surprised, the Sam-Larissa sex wasn't mentioned, hope we get some refference later on in the show. The upcoming Walt blow out was nicely layered and can't wait to see the writers handle it.

Scandal Review: The Devil Came In

Not that thrilled by this episode, I mean it wasn't bad but last week was on such a high level. As an Jilver fan I loved the 2 scenes they have. Their chemistry is really working for me, I see him as a safer choice for Liv (and I considered he is a trained killer) and I love he isn't putting such a preassure on her.
The Sally thing wasn't appealing at all, I didn't feel any connection to the story. James trading his integrity was the only memberale thing about it. Let's see how it will play out if they press charges against Sally.
Rowan speech was really the only strong and memerable moment for me. Maya killing all those people and safely landing was to much and not that believable, but I am intruiged how the story will play out.

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