From Memory Lane

I seriously hopes Damon uses Catherine, not to get to Elana, but if that happens, all the better. (the witch...phony & 2 faced)Elana wants Daman, but can't, and never will, have him. Never. He came to her in a time of real need. He was really hurt. And she just...ewwwww, she just gets me rotted! All 4 the reject bro. of hers. Not even hers really. Damon is the one who always protects everyone, then they dump on him. Like Bonnie did! In that one I was wishing that it would bk fire and the Beeotch would burn. Damon didn't even know about her or her grandmother till the graveyard. Bonnie's a two faced bitch too!She's all like the way she was with lil do-gooder Elana and Elana takes it all in stride like nothing happened at all. It was Bonnie that (rotten witch) told Damon "Do it. No, Do it Damon". Then when it all goes bad cause of goodie 2 shoes dopple ganger, Damon gets Blamed for it! Now that was just nuts!


Damn Elena whats wrong with her? I'd snap up Ian (Daman) in a heartbeat! I mean c'mon now, Stephan....well, maybe I just like the men like Ian is playing. I like my men to be just that; MEN. And Ian is alllll that and more. He's at a males peak age right now.....33....that would be the ideal age for a vamp. to be if turned.
Stephan is too lovey dovey for my tastes. Ian probably is too; after the layers were pealed bk. Stephan didn't have any layers. Borrinnng.
Damon...not boring. I'd love to see him with someone with some substance; if anything but to blow Elanas ass out of the water. After all he did for her (she knows how hard it was), she still treats him like shit. Man....that dog don't hunt for me!(as the saying goes down south)
C'mon writers lets get real here. Is thats whats happening now in TV land that all love & lovers is all SWEET..SWEET..sickly SWEET?? All couples have their sweet times; between themselves. I thought they only did that to gain a very young audience? I think we can all say that if it isn't it should be 18+. 'R' rated even. But I guess if you did that it would come on @ 11 on school nights and that'd SUCK big time.
Give Damon a really great woman...not Catherine not Elana, but someone that everyone would want (guys)and to hell with Elana. Heres a thought, let Elana, that little creep jerk brother of hers, Jeremy, and Stephan have one another. I grew up with 3 bro's. I being the oldest. If anyone of them had gone through my stuff like he did and was so blatently shoving it in her face, my bro's know better. Lets just leave it at that. Get rid of Jeremy. No need for the mouthy nosey little creep! I hate Jeremy!