contrary to the majority I found this ep good but not great so I would probably give it a 3/3.5. It's not a bad note, just average but I think it's because most of us had high expectations.
As an Elijah fan, I just wanted to take that glass out of his hand! What a shame if all the awesome Orginals were to go at the same time, but of course, that's not what I think will happen! It would be too cruel! Well for us, viewers (and Original lovers). At first I even though it would kill all vampires and I was like "noooo" but well, no vampires, no show^^ but the spell could make the Originals back to humans, no? just a though I'll keep because I can't believe they could all die and then some of them could stay in the show! Imagine a human Klaus! How scared he could be?!
But if a spell like that existed, wouldn't it turn all vampires back to humans, as the Original family must be the indirect makers of the whole lot?


Elena and Elijah??? No No! Well friendship only if so! Please please! Don't do this to Elijah! I think Elena and her former dopplegangers had enough men in love with them! End the circles !Tatia: Elijah and Klaus, Katherine:Elijah (Klaus curse interest), Elena: Damon and Stefan (and Matt before. she doesn't need another person falling for her. But friendship will be ok, if Elena is curious about Elijah, I can't blame her, he's just awesome!

New Girl Review: Reality Check

I hope I am not the only one who thinks Jess is not annoying!! I totally love her! As I said before, I even loved her more when she was weirder! Anyway, I love the show! Go Jess!


I do like the show! For me, it is the best new show from last september.
However, I wonder when the magic will at least start to take place and reality in other characters than Regina and Henry knowing. Oh and Mr Gold. I mean, ok that's cool but the way I see it, Emma cannot really "fight" against Regina if she doesn't know what she's fighting.
I know it is not supposed to go very fast, to make it last but I wonder if characters will start to believe before the end of the season...The way it goes, I don't really think so and I'm very frustrated!
I feel like Regina won almost everytime...


Just to say one little thing about Tyler. I am not against Forwood at all but I think it's bad that the writers are presenting it as he's going it for Caroline or at least that everyone think he does. I mean, he should do it because he wants to be free from Klaus, not (only) because of Caroline...
But, apart from that: Elijah's back!! YYEEAHHH!!


I don't really know what Dark Elena will be! I mean, she's human, so she doesn't have a lot of space being dark compared to other. I can only see her hurting Damon...just like Katherine...
Can't wait to see Klaus again! A Stefan too!

Matt Smith Confirms Return to Doctor Who

ahah! DW is the best! Too bad you only start talking about it after the series 6, I would have loved reading reviews here!

New Girl Review: To Bed or Not to Bed

I still enjoy the show every week because it's 20 min of fun but I did like Jess better at the very beginning! I really like when she was really weird!!

Dean Cain to Guest Star on Criminal Minds

Great! He was my FIRST Superman, so I'll always have a sweet spot for him!

Glee Review: World War Glee

I do agree with the the part of @SydMcDreamy77 about Rachel and Kurt. especially Kurt. Weirldy enough, I started to like him at the beginning of season 3 but I did find myself troubled by the fact that Rachel has to give up her campaign in for Kurt decided to talk to her again. It's no news that I like Rachel but in that case it's more about the fact that Kurt is never portrayed being wrong and as it has already been said, being a Saint for the writers. No only on that campaign issue but even here, I don't get why the writers had to make it a conflict between him and Rachel. I'm not even sure that Rachel was his main competitor (even if the both of them seemed to be seriously interested in the campaign)...

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