Yes, again all was done very well. Loved the views of Harenhall.
Just remember, very few wasted words in any episode.
Also, Lord Bolton is a person to remember.

I have heard some complain there isn't enough magic/fantasy. Well, now there is that funny smoke.

And Melisandra DID promise Stannis a son, she just didn't say what kind of son.

More important, how did Little Finger get into Renly's camp so easy, and did he really convince Kat to do the unthinkable?

Lancel, a pawn of a player?

Stay tuned....



Season 1 had only 4 places to deal with (the Wall, Winterfell, Kings Landing, the Vale and Dothraki). Season 2 has 9 places (4 from above, plus Dragonstone, Renly's Army, Harrenhall, Pyke, Riverrun) We haven't seen 2 of those places yet, or the characters involved with them.


Another comment.
The big guy in armor at the end, when Arya is captured, he is (or should be) the Mountain, seen jousting and fighting with his brother, the Hound, in season 1.

And derided as an outlaw by Ned Stark.



Gets what the wolf dreams are.

And Margaery, remember what awaits her later. These scenes were only hinted at in the book, but not everything can be as subtle for TV.

They are making Renly out to be too much of a wimp compared to the books, minor annoyance.


They jumped to book 3 by making Shae a servant to Sansa. Not that important now, but leaves a big plot element out of season 3, which they are now starting production on.

I guessed they would abridge the Arya story line. It only makes sense, and anyhow, Harrenhall awaits. Lots of stuff that happened there to Arya.

Dany really didn't do all that much in book 2, and I expect we won't see her in at least 2 more episodes along the way in season 2, simply too much happening in the Kings Landing story line.

But Peter Dinkledge as Tyrion, another Emmy awaits him. He is good when playing the Imp, he is GREAT when playing the cunning Hand.

Glad they included Shagga, briefly. Tyrion used the hill tribes to help with his power. It wasn't obvious before now that they followed him there.

Meera, Jojen, Big and Little Walder? Lord Bolton and his bastard? So far, not a scent. Maybe next episode.

Wolf dreams for Bran could be filmed better, I think the avg viewer gets what they are after 2 of them. Time to expand to other characters.


Gendry was in season 1, although briefly.

This episode was top notch (coming from someone who has read the books), and no, I won't tell you anything you shouldn't know right now.

Tyrion planning and back stabbing, he is making this sooo much of a great thing to watch.

The second season (and book) has much more going on in it. Sit back and enjoy the ride, you will be glad you did.

And, since HBO re-runs this a couple of time a week, re-watch it or DVR it, and LISTEN to what characters say. Little things said now can become very important later.

New characters abound, and new places. It would be helpful if they showed just where some of the characters are on the map (or state it verbally) when they switch to them. It would certainly help the folks who haven't read the books.


some of the humerous lines:

Tyrion (to Varys): You should try her fish pies.
Shae: Oh, he doesn't like fish pie.
Tyrion: How do you know?
Shae: Oh, I can tell.


Was I hearing things?

Was Asha introduced as Kiera(sp)?
And Balon never said Asha would lead anything, she had to argue that. Minor annoyance.

And no Uncles (yet). The wild reference to the drowned God, that casual viewers wouldn't begin to understand.

No Brienne.
No Margergy.

Wondering if they will combine parts of book 3 into season 2, at this pace.


"Indeed, when that axe came down across Ned's neck, it served as the opening whistle to the true game of thrones. And players from across the seven kingdoms heard its blow."

Read more: http://www.tvfanatic.com/2012/04/game-of-thrones-review-a-king-in-every-corner/#ixzz1qqpk8Yn8

Exactly right. Remember, this is a series that already has 5 books and over 4,500 pages written. (More than the Harry Potter books, it is known) The basic plots are already laid out. You don't need to read the books if you don't want to, the shows are that good. Just remember, the screen writers aren't making it up as they go along.

As for Tyrion, because he is the Hand of the King, he gets lots of air time, just like Ned Stark did last year. Enjoy it.

And one minor note, it was a sword that got Ned's head, not an axe. And if you noticed, it was Ned's own execution sword that he used in episode 1 last year.