excellent review :)
for all those who hated Dan because of Dair, you must all praise him now. although he had no chance to be with her, if her told her how he felt, she would certainly need to go to a mental institute. poor girl has enough problems already.
btw i have to say this again but Dan has won my heart completely.
now what was with the ending!!!!!!!! like seriously wasnt torturing Chuck in season 3 finale enough?
viewers know that Chuck cant die, orelse Gossip Girl will lose more than half its viewers. so why do that??!!!!!
overall good episode.
PS i didnt say anything about Chivy because im glad not to be seeing her again, hopefully.

All The Pretty Sources

how old is Blair in season 5?

Bones Review: Just Toying With Us

Sweets looks sooo hot with a gun!!! :p

Presenting: TV's Top Teen Couple!


The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 78

Caroline: why dont i just rip off your shirt and head to the bedroom.
Tyler: i want get drunk first


@Shannon i agree 100% with you. if Ezra and Aria break up im going to be so upset :(
oh and ian cant be dead, i think A is going to use Ian in his/her next plan.


what a way to end the show :P
WHO THE F IS PREGNANT!!! if its blair then it cant be with chuck cause they just did it so it has to be with Luis, which meeans luis and blair are going to be together forever :(
i like luis but not with blair.
and what was with Charlie, or shoulg i say IVY :O who is she and why would carol do something like that??


ok wtf was with the ending of it, like come VICKI and ANNA!!
damn i dont know if i should be happy that damon's alive or sad cause Stefans gonna turn bad :s
like obviously they werent gonna kill damon, but poor stefan :( i started crying when he drank the blood :'( soo guys whats gonna happen next?? i cant wait soooooo long for the next ep :(

Bones Review: Welcome Home...

That ep was actually really good, Bones is kinda getting a little draggy, they should hotten up the chemistry between Booth and Bones b4 they start loosing viewers.


it will be good seeing Constance again, where all this started. Brings back good memories :). So how long do you think Luis And Blair are gonna last. i give it 3 episodes. LOL. cant wait till the season finale.
PS Charlie and Dan... NEVER!!!