The Vampire Diaries Review: Yes, Sire

Ummmm...hello?! Does no one remember the fact that Damon was sired to Katherine?!!! This has happened before people. The dots don't just connect in this season, they connect from previous seasons as well. Go back and watch for real and then come and judge whats going on this season. I am a Delena fan, well more like a brotherhood and then girl code fan, but I'm feeling very bittersweet about this. Damon is happy. He deserves to be happy. This is truly truly no ones fault but Klaus's, which made me laugh because Klaus is one of my favorites.


I didn't realize it until Damon controlled Rose's dream but Katherine was always controlling Stefans dreams...

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 54

Elena: Oh my God! Is that Damon Salvatore kissing another girl?!
Cop: If you're going after Katherine Im going to shoot you. Shes Mine I tell you ALL MINE!

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 48

Lexie (Hyperventilating): OMG DAMON didn't jump me with me when he saw me! Was it the dress? did it not show enough clevlage or something?! Stefan: Shhhhh...Calm down...I'll be happy to jump you!

The Bachelor Review: Hometown Dates

I HOPE EMILY WINS its so obvious Brad feels different for her then the other woman theres a really special connection there if its not Emily then I hope its Ashley but no way in hell let it be Chantel shes so emotional and UGH just SO not right for him! EMILY FOR THE WIN!

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 47

Andie: Are you scared that you'll hurt me when we have sex? Like Edward and Bella?
Damon: No, (sigh) Im scared that I won't be able to rock your world with vampire sex like I used to before I fell in love with Elena.

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