Burn Notice Review: Selling Your Soul

I thought it was a great episode. You knew from the start that it would take a number of episodes to get Fiona out, and yet the complaints keep coming. So why watch. I think Michael realizing that Fiona is basically his life, is what has been building up since the start of the series, and is a natural progression. So having him upset at Fiona's situation is understandable. Fiona is a badass, but when she is clearly out numbered and also trapped being in prison, she can't get away. This is a great series and continues to be.

Royal Pains Review: If It Makes You Happy

I agree with a previous comment, that Paige's thought was, she was hired because of her looks, and not her talent. So, even though that has nothing to do with her talent, if you are insecure about something in the first place, then you can understand where Paige was coming from when she found out her talent did not get her the job. I'm glad Boris is back. He always makes for an interesting story. I have heard of spotted fever, but not everyone has heard of everything. I'm sure there are things that all of you don't know about, but are widely known by others. So maybe putting others down for not knowing something is rude and uncalled for.


Product placement is here to stay. Its happening more and more. It doesn't make me go out and buy anything, and I can take it or leave it, but they just had people bringing it up, which is more advertisement. As for the show, I think they could have done better with the nun character. I've always enjoyed the actress who plays her, but this needs better writing. I think the 18 yr old, even though she went to oxford, is still an 18 yr old, who contracted a disease because of her mom bringing her on her job, and now needs a kidney to live. I think the attitude is about what you would expect. I'm sure the kidney will probably be given to her at some point, and the shock of finding out will pass. This is a good story line and I've enjoyed it.


Seriously people, all you got out of it was an insult on Bush? How many times did that happen during his 8 yrs in office? By the way they did do a Clinton one as well, or did you just conveniently ignore that, and start blaming the liberal media? Both republicans and democrats lie equally. What are you new in town? Eric McCormack did a great job. RLC could have done a little better, but I'm willing to give her a chance for a few episodes. She does look very young, I don't know how old she really is, but she looks more like she would be Eric's daughter. I thought it was interesting, and will continue to watch.

The Closer Review: The One That Got Away

Does anyone know if the show will change its name once Kyra leaves? I missed a lot of that. I never really liked Pope and always thought he was out for himself, so it could be him. I liked Gabriel for most of the seasons, but it could be that he is the leak. He has had a chip on his shoulder the couple of seasons.

Who is Returning to Hawaii Five-0?

It will be great to see Ed Asner back. He did a great job. I wonder if he helps or helps himself again. That was a big surprise, I did not see coming, when he shot the girl who got Mary involved in the diamond smuggling. I'm also glad that Peter L cleared up Catherine not being on the team, but helping out the team while still being in the Navy. Maybe those that were upset can relax now. This is why I prefer to see what they do, before going off on something that has not happened yet. I'm really excited for this season, a lot of great stories. It's good to see them back at work.


I love this choice. I did not think of her at all, but I'm thrilled. She is a great actress, can't wait for the season opener. There are still people out there saying the Shelburne story is going to continue. It's been solved, Shelburne is Doris McGarrett. Since she will have a recurring role, we will find out the story behind her faked death, and why she stayed away. It's TV so anything is possible. I think Alex and Christine will do well together as mother and son. I hope she turns out to be kick ass like her son. Wofat will find out at some point, so there are all sorts of possibilities for her role. Along with the other 3 story lines, I think this coming season will be great.

Rizzoli & Isles Season 4: Confirmed!

Great, I love this show. I'm surprised they announced it so soon.

Burn Notice Round Table: "Last Rites"

The scene with Michael and Fiona in prison was heartbreaking. They are showing how much Michael truly loves Fi. The acting was great, and will probably be the most memorable scene of the series.
I liked Ayn, but Fiona should not totally trust her. The actress who play Ayn is great. I hope we see more of her.
Pearce and Jesse, absolutely there is something there. I hope they pursue this.
I think Pearce became more like Michael in this episode. But she may rub off on Michael as well. I do think that Pearce is more accepting of Michael's methods, certainly trusts all of them now.
I never thought about Chuck Finley being used too much. You are right though, someone in Miami must remember the name. Although this is one of Sam's things, that I don't think will go away.

Royal Pains Review: It Lives?!

Not the greatest episode, but it was still entertaining. It's TV, so people constantly pointing out things that are not plausible is pointless. It's TV not reality. If you are entertained then, whats wrong with that. If I was am not, then I would move on. Reality is off your couch and out the door. I'm glad they finally ended with Hank and Evan not being partnered anymore. I'm also glad that Boris is back, he does give some good story lines. I liked that Eddie was back. Divya's mom leaving her father might be interesting. I know there are those who want Jill back, I liked her, but I was getting tired of the, is she or isn't she leaving, at least they made up their minds finally. I agree the previous seasons were better, but I'm not giving up on this show yet, I'm still interested.

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