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By all means Dawson and Casey should get married have several kids and leave the show. Isn't that what all the shippers want? Then Severide can have his major love and leave the show because there won't be any drama.

@ isoron

Give a minute to process your suggestion.

Bones Season 10 Episode 15 Review: The Eye in the Sky

Really liked this episode. The Booth and Brennan scenes had all the chemistry that seemed to be lacking in all the earlier episodes. Ths whole gambling thing made my belly hurt. My husband is in recovery and that story linr struck a nerve. Thought Emily and David did a great job acting these scenes.


There was so much about the way Derek died that really makes me angry .... he was alone in a strange hospital with incompetent doctors, instead of his own hospital with his friends and colleagues who would have fought to save him, even if they couldn't, Derek had no thoughts of Meredith or his children as he realized he was not going to make it, Meredith did not call anyone to let them know what happened, she didn't ask for time to process what had happened, she didn't give anyone else the opportunity to say goodbye to him, like his sister! She just had them pull the plug on him without even taking time to call anyone or say goodbye to him, or even shed a tear! That's how they ended Derek and Meredith????? I could go on and on about the way it was written being a great disservice to the fans and to the characters. The fans of this show and the history of these two characters deserve so much better than what Shonda Rhimes gave us last night. I understand why she chose to have Derek die instead of just leave, but no matter what issues she has with Patrick Dempsey, after 11 seasons his character should not have not died in such a horrible way, alone and no goodbye scene with Meredith. As far as I'm concerned, this episode was the beginning of the end of Grey's Anatomy.


NCIS LA is also my favourite show. I love Callen and the other actors. Callen is looking better then ever and I really liked his hair longer instead of the brush cut he always has. No beard though...just the shadow. He is such a great actor and does the role really well. I am glad he has a girlfriend although I always thought him and Kensi would end up together before Deeks came along. I do like Deeks, and he adds some humour to the show. I think it is getting a bit much though with him and Kensi. I liked the banter they used to have when they teased each other, now it is just a bit too much. Callen really needs to tell Hetty how he feels and I really like that they showed more of his past. Hope they keep on this path and he starts to learn more about where his father is.
Love the show.


The thing is, after last thursday, I thought Shonda wouldn't kill two main characters in one night, and I thought Jake was a goner, which meant that Derek would be safe. Now that Derek is gone, it makes me hopeful on the outcome of Jake's state... (I haven't seen the Scandal ep yet)

Castle Round Table: What Was Left Unsaid

I enjoyed your honest opinions. As a long time fan, I am very confused over this whole Castle disappearance. So twisted and convoluted. I agree with Christine that this should have been dealt with sooner and not waited 17 episodes. Nothing they say or do now will take away the sting of 6x23. Have Castle be taken after the wedding and then I could have been more supportive of this whole storyline. Don't know why the writers are frustrating viewers with Espo's snarky attitude towards Castle. If he doesn't trust Richard Castle after all of these years, especially knowing Castle has a young daughter and mother to be honest for, then Espo can take a flying leap....


I think one of the biggest mistakes the show made was making Ward evil. I like Ward and even though I never liked the War/Skye shipping, I like Ward but I don't like him when he's fighting Coulson and Shield. I like when they work together.

Robert lusch
Castle Season 8 Scoop: Nathan Fillion In, Showrunner Out

Bob L. Stana is as great as any actor Iv'e seen in my 84 years. Finding people able to constantly creating GREAT plots and sustain the output is so hard. I enjoy the cast so much I hate to think it could be over. I fervently hope new writers somehow can save the show. No matter what I wish the cast the best particulary S.K.

Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 21 Review: Mr. Scratch

I loved the episode and it was the best of the whole season so far....But I would like for this show to focus a little bit more on the main characters and their private lives all while still keeping the search for the unsub going. I feel like those people just navigate around their jobs and as a spectator we don't get to be attached to them humanwise. For instance, what happened that terrorist who swore to make JJ's life a misery? Or the guy that was seen behind a computer and tried to meet up with Kate's adopted daughter. I mean, does anyone feel the same about it?

@ James

Stay tuned, James. That story about Kate's adopted daughter is going to raise its ugly head very soon.

@ Douglas Wolfe

I hope so. Pretty excited and I want them to also focus on JJ's storyline with that sicko!


Forget the fact that Meredith pulled the plug without called his sister, how about the FACT that she would NOT have the authority to do so as SHE IS NOT HIS WIFE WITHIN THE LAW !!! The Hospital would NOT let Meredith be the one that could sign the papers, It would be his next of kin, meaning his sister. This is the law, and no post it note would change it. Shondra really blew it this time and looks like an idiot, not only for killing off a main character but her writing stinks and is way off base..

@ Guest

they're married within the law. They went to the courthouse in the 7th or 8th season so they could adopt Zola. Your flame would be more justified if your facts were in fact checked...
But I get that you're pissed ;)