Sarah silva

The reason why Red was able to hide for all those years and never get caught is because of all his connections to different people. Which is why he knows of all the places that have secret exits.
The whole Liz taking down the abusive husband and the look on her face was a little weird.
I liked the scene with Liz and Red at the end.
Yes Ressler and Tom teaming up will be good.
I really hope that Mr Solomon gets what is coming to him.

19 Characters Who Are Just Too Hot To Handle

just one mistake. the one that is beyond Hot is Damon stephan is four thumbs,

Sarah silva

I was a little confused as to why Frank wanted Garrett to be offered a different job if he wanted him to stay. I guess it was to see if he truly wanted to stay or not.
It is time we saw Linda struggling with being shot but it seemed like it was a little out of the blue and that she should have also mentioned she was worried because Danny got hurt twice recently.
After all these years they are always going to talk about the same things at the dinner table.
I knew that Lorenzo was going to get killed.
Hix was dbag and I am so happy that they were able to make a charge stick at the end. As much as Lorenzo was annoying at least the spy glasses he wore helped take down Hix.

Sarah silva

I am still enjoying the song covers they have each week.
I am so happy that Alex got a good storyline this week. I loved every moment.
I too am enjoying the dynamic between Meredith and her sisters. Wish we could see the kids some times though.
April was really annoying once again. I do not see any way back for these two.
I am upset that Bailey low balled Meredith with the offer, but I guess I can see her reasoning. I liked the scene with Meredith and Bailey when she went to tell her she deserved the promotion and she was worth more money.
Also with the amount of money some of them make I wonder how they can not afford nicer places like Alex and why Arizona would need a roommate.

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@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Alex is in the clear since his fellowship contract included loan repayment. But the dump loft he picked transformed to the furnished place it is now required lots of renovation money. As far as Arizona, college and med school is not cheap. As chief of fetal she's making serious money, likely 500k+ a year in grosses, but there's taxes, malpractice insurance, and as she said, some of her patients can't afford her fees and the hospital only has so much pro bono dollars. So she probably sets aside money to use when that she has to cover the fees. The other docs like April, Amelia, Maggie, etc are in the same boat student loan wise. The only one who is really on the clear is Callie. Her dad paid off all her loans, since her family is super rich. Same with Jackson.

Sarah silva

This episode was super funny.
I enjoyed every moment.
Yes while some things may be repetitive with some characters, that is part of the show.

Sarah silva

Sinclair knows that something happened with Asher and the girl's who photo was on his phone. I think he killed her and his dad helped him cover it up.
I knew the Hapstells siblings were in love with each other as soon as they were introduced.
I loved the scene with Connor, Michaela, Laurel and Wes were talking in the kitchen, I like those scenes where they take a moment to have fun amongst all the craziness.
Did Wes really think that Levi would stop seeing Michaela.
There is definitely more to Levi, that meets the eye. I do not trust him.
Oliver and Connor continue to be cute.
Bonnie ended things with Asher, not sure how long that will last.
So I think I am right when I say the one person Annalise has ever truly loved is Nate.
I am a little confused as to why Nate becomes concerned about Annalise and calls her on the phone but then tells the Connor, Michaela, Wes and Laurel to get in his car at the end. I actually think that he left the message on her phone to cover his butt (like Annalise did last season when she called Sam's cell phone) and that he truly is working with the 4 of them to take her down.
How was Annalise so drunk she could barely make it up the stairs and then moments later all fine when she went to the basement.
I too liked the montage they had when the club's clients were being interviewed.

Cena gomez

Fitz has every right to be cold to Cyrus. Cyrus set Rowan free ( the guy who killed Jerry) and Maya loose. Liv saved the day by locking up Eli, but Cyrus set him free. Christine kill the noise. Both Mellie and Cyrus are monsters and not victims.

Cena gomez

Christine dear, of course Fitz switch sides fast. Mellie and Fitz were faking the interview. They have faked it for 20 years. Both are very good a pretending to like each other. So of course he's happy that Olivia said yes. One thing about Fitz is that he's been the same for 5 seasons...S1( He loved Olivia and wanted to tell the truth and ending his marriage)...S2(He loved Olivia and wanted to tell the truth and end his marriage...S3 ( He loved Olivia and wanted to tell the truth and end his marriage...S4 (He loved Olivia and wanted to tell the truth and end his in S5( He still loves Olivia and he still wants to tell the truth and end his marriage. What part of divorce does Mellie not understand? Why stay with a guy who doesn't love her. Fitz can be compassionate, but Mellie drives him nuts and she need to move on.

Arrow Season 4 Episode 1 Review: Green Arrow

I enjoyed the episode thoroughly. And while yeah, threat of doom is problematic, there's always been dark in the series. So moving 'lighter' in the moments while facing an apocalypse isn't contradiction, I'd say it's human nature. The heightened realism Arrow left, IMHO, when they turned to the Flash as the spinoff. Once you start having metahumans doing the physically impossible, magic isn't far behind. And yes, Lazarus Pit, so we're already over the sorcery threshold. The grave has to be someone Barry knows. The head fake they want you take is Felicity. I'm not buying for reasons already stated (Barry wouldn't miss it. Who would dare stay close to Oliver after he loses another lover. And let's be honest, Stephen and Cassidy have zero chemistry in the series. The writers, to their credit, buried that one when they saw it. So blowing up Ollicity to make room for the return of Laurel? No.) So my guesses are Diggle & Lance. Both of them seem near the end of their storylines. Lance having gone to the darkside, I could see a redemption=death move with him. And if Oliver sheds his inner demons, then Diggle as his conscience is no longer necessary. Especially with Laurel and Felicity doing the role as well.

@ S.W. Gillogly

What if it was Thea who died?

Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 Episode 2 Review: Ashes to Ashes

Where is the review for episode 3 of Hawaii Five-O please give us one ASAP!!!!

@ Lena

Yes. I came here to read it, but there is none.

@ Amy Perrin

Same here, I googled it and episode 2 came up as the latest one.

@ Lena

Sorry, ladies, but were without coverage for the season once again. I tried very hard to ensure you'd be covered as we went into the season, but the gal covering it decided it wasn't for her over the last week and no longer writes for us. Getting people to cover long standing procedural television is the most difficult job, I'm afraid, even when I promise a built in audience and great conversation with you guys. If you know anyone who may fit the bill, have them answer the ad on the page. Thanks!

@ Carissa Pavlica

Hey, if I was a writer I would do it, but alas I'm not, I'm just a fan.

@ Carissa Pavlica

That stinks, Carissa. I also wish that I was talented enough to write a review for you. I am, and always have been, a TV Fanatic, so I would jump at the chance to write/review for you if I could. I did enjoy contributing to the Round Tables that Paul asked me to help. Sadly, both Stalker and Forever got cancelled.

@ Amy Perrin

Never watched Stalker, but loved Forever. I was so sad when it was cancelled. I see Alana De La Garza(Jo) on Scorpion now. Although I think her days are numbered.