Gotham Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Selina Kyle

Did I miss something in the media about there being ties between Gotham and Arrow/Flash? Since they were on different networks, I assumed they have no connection besides both being DC properties currently on television. They are mining the same source material, so it's not a surprise that the same villians may show up on both shows in different incarnations (like Quicksilver in DoFP and Avengers 2).

Gotham Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Selina Kyle

This comment is made on several assumptions and probably a great deal of wishful thinking!!
First off - I think Gotham is set in late 80's/early 90's. This is based on the shape of the police cars used - fairly square with sharp-angled corners. Cars from mid-90's seemed to have smoother curves. Also phonebooks? who still has those :P No mention of the Internet either...
Next, Canon-ally, Gordon cleans out GCPD and rises to high rank within the dept before meeting Batman. Obviously at the moment he is a rookie so has a way to go! Therefore, assuming that Gotham is intended to have a multi Season run, i think either each season will cover a number of years, or there will have to be a number of years between each season to allow for both Jim to be promoted and for the young Bruce to become the Bat.
To soon to tell if they tie-in with Arrow. Listen out for mentions of shared locations like Bludhaven, Central City etc. If i am right with the timeline (above) then it will fit...
Therefore i predict that ...
by the end of season 1, Jim, Harvey, Montoya and the other fella will be allies and in the MCU.
Around season 3-4, Bruce will disappear and Sgt/Lt Gordon will look for him.
Season 6, Bruce will reappear and a certain prince of clown will surface...
Season 7, the MCU hunts a shadowy vigilante striking fear among the underworld of Gotham.
Series conclusion, Jim meets with the Bat.


I enjoy the series. I hope we get to know the team better.

@ Bonnie Maynes

Bonnie Maynes Agreed. It's been a good new show so far. I want the chance to fall in love with the team.


I enjoyed the episode. It was exciting.

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I'm a bit hyped up, but can I get one outrageous prediction off my chest? Don't get too upset for I may still be wrong (or only allegorically right), and second, I admit I'm having a moment of "I need to be able to prove I said it then", so please forgive me. And please don't delete this post... ;) *clears throat, puts on best Madame Zoltan face* I predict Jane will kill Lisbon. (have to work on my face or get a flashlight to hold under my chin. *giggles*) Outrageous enough? Good! :P
Probably in the 150th ep, but that I could be wrong about. I may also be wrong about that, but I'd call the last ep "Somewhere over the Rainbow".


Gemma is far from insane. All criminals attempt to justify what they do to others, she's no different. However, I DO think she's blurred the lines between mother & grandmother in her head-those are NOT "her boys"-those boys have their own biological mothers & Gemma isn't one of them! She also seems to have some sick "thing" for her own son. Am looking forward to her death with anticipation!

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The season opener was a nail biter and a roller coaster. Kate played her role excellently. I look forward to seeing this dynamic couple get back to the position they were once at and I am sure the wedding will come in the first half of the season it must. I am thinking maybe on a tropical island without the traditional wedding attire

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C'MON!! Am I the only one who remembers Bobby Singer?!? A piece of me died when we lost Bobby and nothing has been the same. Every season I keep hoping they will bring him back, but it's just been more heartbreak. But, hope springs eternal and season 10 starts in 8 days...




Excellent episode, as always. I hope Berlin comes to the realization that there is a common enemy sooner rather than later. I would love to see those two work together as a destructive force against that enemy. They both make being bad so enjoyable to watch so it is difficult to watch them pitted against each other. Lizzie was milk toast all last season, with an occasional spark of strength when it suited the script, and now we are supposed to buy her as being all bad ass. She's still the weakest part of the show but at least she isn't given as big a part as last year. When I heard of a new girl joining the team I was a bit wary but since it is that new girl I'm looking forward to the addition. She had a great presence in the last episode and I like her alliance with Red. It's sad that Red has proven to care about Lizzie and make great sacrifices but she is so completely self-centered that she only sits in judgement. Lizzie came through with the codes but clearly for her (and the FBI's) own selfishness. In this episode, Berlin said Red cared about Lizzie as much as he did his wife but I didn't get that sense from Red. It would be great if Red gets tired of the sneers and judgement and starts putting her in her place. We can finally put to rest any discussion that Lizzie is Red's daughter (thank God). Now, I would like to know why Red finds this worthless girl so important. If not for him, they would be chasing their tails in every episode but she keeps taking credit for his discoveries. Speaking of, I loved the gun running in the fridge at the donut shop run by a little old lady.

@ Roni O

my thoughts exactly...After Laurel from Arrow, Lizzie is my least favourite female character on TV.