I guess they have to do the pregnancy story line as it arises from the book, but I'm not really looking forward to the baby story line. Why they have to go and make her a single mother cop. Was that in the book? I don't know, I haven't read it. Most times producers don't stick to the book, so I don't know why they had to go with that story line. I'm sure in the book Frost didn't die, and don't they have to change that story line? They could have done the same with the pregnancy. On another note, I think I read somewhere where they said they weren't going to add a new person to replace Frost, but to me Frankie on his own doing the computer thing would be kind of boring. I think they should give it some time and then bring on an additional person. NCIS replaced Ziva and the show is doing just fine. They can bring on someone new. And it's not like someone kicked out Frost. He did take his own life. While I love and miss him, I don't think the show should suffer because of it.

Perception Review: Unforgiven

I agree with your feedback on the case, Sean. I did love the scenes with Dillon. I think that little boy is the same guy who plays the son in Masters of Sex. I also saw him in another show recently. He seems to be a little actor that is getting a lot of parts to play. I love Eric McCormack as Daniel, and I look forward to his cases. He also gives such nuggets of information that I find so interesting. He's like the male version to the Black Box (have you ever watched it)? Or the lead actress is the female version to him. She's bi-polar. Anyhow thanks for the review. I too was sorry that the father became the bad guy. I didn't like that they made him out to be the bad boy, and that the bad guys were the ones trying to be good. I wanted to empathize with the father, but in the end, couldn't really. I know his grief was great, but murder was not the answer. And then pre-meditated murder to get himself into jail so he could kill the next guy. Too, too much.

2014 Emmy Awards: And the Nominees Are...

I hope Tatiana isn't as upset as I am. :-) Awards shows are like the stock market: they're both highly manipulated. I guess the show didn't pay enough this year to get a nomination.

True Blood Round Table: "Fire in the Hole"

Carissa said it perfectly, bringing her back at the expense of more important characters. I so agree, it isnt needed in the last few episodes, and her family is coming on as well, BLECH!

Extant Review: Welcome Home

I really enjoyed the premiere and the VFX are amazing. You can tell this is a big budget production for a television show. Loved the cast (Hatake from Helix surprised me), the mysteries and the flashback sequences. Wonder if there will be any more now that we've seen the alien event. I'm in... It's 13 episodes right?


All of these seemingly divergent story lines are supposed to come together in the next few episodes so I'm eager to see how it all plays out.

Emmy Award Nominations: Who Got Snubbed?

Don't forget Sandra Oh, The Walking dead, and Orphan Black !!!!!


I loved this poster , it's so beautiful , and I can't wait to see behind the scenes .

Teen Wolf Review: It's Only Human

They would not show us or bring in the Benefactor this soon in the season. They would make us wait to see who it is until the 9th or 10th episode. I mean if he/she is supposed to be the big mystery of the season they would not reveal that this soon. The mute is not the benefactor.

Days of Our Lives Recap: Eve Donovan Returns!

Take Eve Donovan and her whinny voice off the show. Can't stand to listen to her.