NCIS Season 12 Episode 19 Review: Patience

Not in love with this ep. McGee has demonstrated he's more mature and developed than the pout-fest we saw. I sensed pairing Gibbs and Tony in a sense of interdependence had more to do with
pandering to fan complaints that the two have not been in a serious
scene together in ages (they haven't). I agree with other readers--let's see
Tony and Gibbs together in a serious and weird undercover mission (which would include the team), not out of the blue intertwined in a 'top secret' situation. Seemed unbelievable to not include McGee (even though he was a top-level
cyber supervisor in the basement during the disbandment years, has
hacked the Pentagon however many times, is Vance's go-to guy for top secret electronic surveillance, etc). I don't favor one
character over another--I like them all, but this ep had a false
note to it. Loved the intimacy class--agree with others that we got cheated on some awesome interaction. Dragging out Gibbs' disgust for even one minute out of the 43 alloted programming would have been really fun. Writers phoned in the ending with the ambassador as bad guy--it could have been a Scooby episode with the ambassador pulling off her rubber mask and decrying those "meddling kids". Next week: I like RJ as Tony's dad a lot but it seems he's pulled out of the sock drawer for all of the 'serious Tony' eps anymore. Let's have serious Tony standing on his own. Don't have a beef with Zoe. Don't really 'feel' this relationship between the two.

@ TryinToBtheGoodShepard

Whether as a result of fan complaints or just a case of about time, I'd love to see a really good episode featuring Gibbs & Tony together and a long overdue episode with the two of them undercover together could be amazing. Other than Baltimore which was for the most part set before Tony joined NCIS, I can't actually recall an episode which actually does feature the two of them together. I too like RJ but have found his episodes of late, for want of a better word, rather twee. A shame that Senior lost that steely edge he had in "Flesh and Blood". Will be interesting to see how things work out with Zoe and Tony's relationship with Senior next week. I too don't have a problem with Zoe, but like you I can't say I'm feeling the love, probably because despite Tony repeatedly declaring that he's in a committed relationship, we've seen so little of her, and the whole thing with the handcuffs and bread making was for me anyway, anything but romantic.

Forever Season 1 Episode 19 Review: The Body In The Wall

This was a great show. The Abigail mystery is intriguing, although Henry is a bit of a drama queen. Surely he's outlived and lost others before. Fred Weller is one of my absolutely favorite actors, one whom I'm always hoping will break into the top ranks. He doesn't usually do gritty roles like Eddie, but he was both convincing and vulnerable here as a man who's spent thirty years in jail (loved his hair and stubble). There was some good chemistry with Eddie and Henry, indicating that Henry doesn't just care about truth but people was well. Same with Lt. Reece. I've never liked her so much as in this episode.

Bones Picture Preview: School's In Session

I guess I'll be first to comment, I love Bones and in future episodes would love to see B&B in their home, with the children already in bed and they are talking together one on one. They both seem to be relaxed and at ease in their home envoirment and to see them talking small talk with each other. I loved the episode where B&B danced to music Booth put on. Just love their chemistry together. I look forward to remaining episodes and praying for season 11 & more.

21 Couples Whose Chemistry Flopped

Funny how not a single one of those couples involved a black man.


Which of the emails were your favorite? Generally speaking the emails and the reaction that ensued was what was great about that. Do you think that Cary and Diane are angry at Alicia for running for State’s Attorney? Oh absolutely. Diane is jealous because she had a chance to be state supreme court judge and she blew it by firing Alicia ,,,,,,,,Cary, on the other hand, I think is hurt because he and Alicia worked to start this new firm and now Alicia is leaving (or is she?) Was Eli right? Does Alicia have to at least appear as though she’s playing ball with her contributors? Oh Absolutely (again) Redmayne is a disgusting human being but she has to play ball with him because he was one of her major contributors. Was there anything in “Undisclosed Recipients” that you found disappointing? Yes, Diane and her jealousy. At least Cary appeared to want to find a peaceful solution. What was your favorite scene from the episode? I think it had to be the scene where Eli was telling Alicia she had to play ball with her contributors.


Every time I saw Frederick Weller on the screen, all I could think was, "Darn, Marshal Marshall Mann let himself go!" Heh. And then there was David Krumholtz as young Abe! Very cute, casting directors. I can't wait for Lou Diamond Phillips to pop up somewhere, maybe as an enigmatic, snarky FBI agent who shoots people from a long distance... ;-)

New Girl: Renewed for Season 5!!!

I am a huge fan of this show, but I think the Mindy Project is a much more enjoyable show. It's hilarious, smart, witty, and incredibly well written. So with this news, I truly hope we also receive news that this show is coming back as well... There's no show like the Mindy Project on tv. I would HATE to see it go.


If the Charmings had known what would happen if they did what they did, they probably wouldn't have done it. The Author was running things by misdirection. Unfortunately, the Charmings still did what they did, and they share in the blame. And Emma has plenty of darkness in her. She is nowhere near all sweetness and light. She's far too pragmatic to be all good. She was a petty thief who gave up her child because she was in jail and her boyfriend had deserted her. She grew up in an orphanage with no one to love her. She's no Annie, and she never was.


Agent Carter is feminist without getting obnoxiously in your face. More Agent Carter!!

Sarah silva

Such a great episode!
I feel bad for the real Harrison, getting the life sucked out of him by Eobard was brutal.
The real Harrison seemed like a nice guy.
I wonder if, eventually when Barry finds out about all this, if that was the reason why he went back in time to when his mother died, hoping to kill Eobard and prevent his mothers death and Eobard from killing Harrison. At least that is what I think.
I am surprised they let Eddie in on Barry's secret.
Also any episode with Henry is a great episode.
My mind was blown by the last few minutes! So good!

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Sometimes there's so much going on in this show, I don't even think of the obvious things. But yes, I think it would be great if, when Barry goes back in time, that he's at least able to save Wells! I'm interested to get to know the real Wells. It was kind of fun seeing him in that romantic setting with his wife. And I completely agree about his dad! Any scene with Barry and Henry are bound to be the best scenes of the episode!

Sarah silva
@ Amy Lynn

I know there is a lot going on each week. I hope I am right with my theory. As for Harrison I think that there is some Harrison still in his body eventhough Eobard took over. I agree with you about wanting to learn more about Harrison.