Power Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Three Moves Ahead

not trying to seem like a smart ass but putting two and twenty together (LOL) I see the rest of the season panning out like this. Ghost informed Tommy of the appending arrest at the last minute,which is why he told Angela she started something big. So he got probably the best lawyer in New York to defend Tommy and get him off light. The coup thing, well that's not going to play out with Tommy, or Ghost dead. Ghost is the one three steps ahead. He knows Kanan has been talking to Shawn, and the fact that Kanan thinks he set him up, which I don't think he did because if he did he would have police protection because he cooperated with police officials ( see what I'm saying? Makes sense huh?). I think Ghost is ready for the betrayal from Shawn (lets not forget Ghost called Shawn out about the hanging up when he comes around) So let's be ready to see either a quick fight and killing of shawn, or Shawn wussing out and asking Ghost for the real truth about Kanans arrest at gun point. In which he shows he has nothing to do with it. and that episode will probably end with Angela's co worker, (the one she fucked, fuck him by the way) Showing her pics of her and Ghost fucking.


California here they come ... I've been waiting for this plane to take off this entire season ... can't wait for Season 3. Such a Great Show !!!


Don't know why, but I kept expecting Ray to lose it while playing the role of a servant. I suppose being able to slap the talk show host twice allowed him to let off some steam. (P.S. It wasn't until he started mouthing off at Ray that I realized that was Jack Wagner. Jack *friggin* Wagner!. Man has he aged. Also, I had no idea until the review that that was Cheryl Ladd!) Does anyone really believe Mickey's going to hang around for the culmination of Terry's illness?


I really felt like this episode kicked it up several notches. I was more invested in this episode than in any of the ones preceding it. Frank was a little more believable - probably because Vaughn was given fewer idiotic phrases to utter, and because of his gruesome takedown of that guy. I mean he shot him in the gut, then settled down with a drink to watch him die. I kept thinking his wife Jordan may have been in on the conspiracy against him. She may still be, I don't know. She's his one weak point for sure. I'm now really curious on two fronts: 1) how will Frank come out of this a wealthy man? He knows the setup for the handover of $13 million (side note: who does that anymore? In a digital age you'd think they'd find ways to move it around online and not take chances with cash handovers). 2) How will Ray and Ani solve this while sidestepping the array of crooked cops and politicians aligned against them? That second one alone will keep me riveted until the final scene next week. Also - poor Paul. Poor, misunderstood misguided Paul. His story was such a waste in this series. His life - and death - only served to show how evil the other guys are. That's it, that's all. I agree Carissa: the editing on this series needed a *LOT* of work.

@ Douglas Wolfe

I totally agree with you. Frank thinks he has it all figured out.........so you know something terrible is going to happen in the finale..............


I enjoyed the episode and I have enjoyed the season! The reviewer must be watching something other than "True Detective"!

Joe desiderio

Loved the intro. Took me a minute to figure out what was going since I'd completely forgotten about the Angel character from the books. Hell, GDT even threw in the Wilhelm Scream for good measure. I loved this episode so I was quite annoyed when my DVR cut it off right after Fet got arrested. I'll have to schedule another showing so I can see the end. This is one of my favorites of the season so far. Another awesome flashback, Fet being Fet, and more Gus. I loved it when they got back from dropping off their newly infected vampire and Fet said "Fet need food." Anybody else would have sounded corny but it works from him and it made me laugh. Best scenes with Zack to date this season. Kid seemed human and you could at least feel for him a little bit. Why doesn't Gus go back to where the Ancients are hanging out? You serious think they'd help him out if he's so important. Anyway, good episode and I look forward to the podcast.

@ Joe Desiderio

You know, every week I have to check the channel guide because the episodes end at 11:03 or 11:10... Your safest bet is to add an additional 10 to 15 mins to the stop time. I found it odd Gus was wandering around as well. Unless he doesn't know exactly where the Ancients are. Perhaps Vaun always blindfolded him? After all, humans knowing the location would pose a threat to the Ancients. The kid was better, but like I mentioned pretty inconsistent.

Ronald simkins

I'll be interested to see what happens when the abortion shoe hits the fan after the extortion of the affair. I think abortion trumps one-time-stands any day. Sorry that Cameron blew her chance with Tom. I agree he was a very interesting character this season. Gordon was right that the Cameron/Joe battle was deleterious to both of them and face it they are two very flawed individuals neither of whom really knows how to fit into society.

Parveen Kaur as Aanya Gupta - The Strain Season 2 Episode 4

With so many Indian doctors and engineers here in America, I think giving her a more detailed role would attract more viewers studying in the field of science. By defining her character, it would bring a sense of realism to the cast. Yeah, she works in a restaurant, but I'm sure her contacts can extend further than the cash register.


Funny and good review, I love this show I hope they continue into next season.


One of the first episodes I felt at the edge of my seat. I managed to stay awake for all of it and I'm glad I did