Castle Season 7 Episode 1 Review: Driven

As much as I was excited for the episode to air, I must admit I hated the episode!! None of it made sense as it progressed because instead of everyone, Espo, Kate, and Ryan, to know that 3XK stole all of their tissues, lab samples, dna, hired imposter actors, is dating a psycho plastic surgeon, etc., they should have rather guess that he was behind it rather than Castle would willingly leave Beckett. And let's just say for the sake of argument that Castle could leave Beckett (yeah right, the man that put his life, money, time, emotions, on the line for Beckett time and time again), he would never walk away from Alexis. The point is all of this feels to contrived as if they are just looking for a story which by the way seems redundant to keep the the season moving at the expense of what makes Castle so great- their great unshakable love. Beckett should be past the stage of no faith, actually they all should! Also, I would much rather see they get married, have normal plots and twists, and they simply work on the prediction of the guy from the future who said Beckett and Castle would have three children and she would become a Senator. That would put a whole new and interesting spin on the show watching it unfold. I hope this is as ugly as it gets because Castle should have no deep dark secrets.


I'm really surprised that there are so many fans, who support Densi relationship and want it to develope even more. I think that too much romance usually ruins a series (criminal, medical...), it completely changes its focus. Yes, plus I don't like Deeks. Cannot he be reassigned, permanently...?
And as much as I do love Callen even here I don't think that the relationship thing / Jollene is a good idea.
Really looking forward to Hetty story arc.
And Sam's past? That should be interesting. In comparision to Callen (and Hetty, and maybe Kensi and Deeks too) his past seems to be crystal clear so I've never been thinking about it. But maybe he has a child, he doesn't know about... or it may be something connected to Jaida (the sudanese woman he "pretended" to love).

@ Claire.cz

There are a lot of us waiting for this romance and we might revolt if we don't get it.lol I don't watch NCIS LA for anything but Densi. I like Callen and Eric and even Granger but I wouldn't be here if there was no Deeks and I know I am not alone.


And now we know, that Tom is close and is feeding Liza some information about Berlin (his assets in bank).

19 Shocking Vampire Diaries Deaths

Eh, wasn't shocking since no one on this show ever stays dead anyways.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 1 Review: In Deep Trouble

I agree with your review except for Talia - I thought she was awesome, her bluntness to Kensi was sort of spot on and to be honest Kensi was as bad as Talia.
That fight needed to happen just so both of them could get a reality check - Anyway they started to bond after that and at Deeks expense of course.
Great episode and I'm glad the show is back again!

Outlander Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Both Sides Now

That mid-season finale was amazing ! I loved it. It was good to see Frank again and not forget. I also knew Claire would try to go back and choose Claire Randall. I was shouting at my screen when she got pulled back ! Didn't even realize that she touched the stones . I was so disappointed. I felt for Frank.
April is a long way to go. I will read the books. But I am definitely in love with this show, it has Scotland and time traveling ! Yup, I'm sold !


I'm guessing it's about his daughter…

Revenge Season 4 Episode 1 Review: Born Again

I honestly vouched I was not gonna come back this season. Revenge had done it for me with the not-so-dead David Clarke issue. I was dreading it too. But curiosity peaked my interest (more like tv show addiction but hey ) I liked the episode but still cannot understand why that man is alive. I mean everything Emily has done... does not make any sense anymore. The people she's lost, killed, etc...
Victoria's escape was remarkable. In true Queen V fashion.
Jack a cop ? Really
And then Daniel and Charlotte still useless.
Poor Nolan tryna reason with Emily was sad. She is quite addicted to the red sharpie.

Castle Season 7 Episode 1 Review: Driven

Stana Katic carried that entire episode on her fabulous shoulders. If she doesn't win an Emmy against these other cupcake actresses, with the the exception of Mariska Hargitay, they have no business judging the quality of excellent acting. As far as the episode is concerned, LOVED BECKETT'S INTENSITY. She and Castle will get back on track.


OMG !!! That show ! It had me hooked so much so that I watched it twice in a row ! The pace was fabulous and I certainly did not see that ending coming ! WOW ! Shonda, you did it again !
So many theories I have. Why did they kill him ? Was he with that student that got killed ? Did he kill her ?
And I love Wes. Dean from Harry Potter sure got hotter ! Lol