Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 10

They better have another season. Simon to the rescue on his motorcycle? Or Mallory intercepts. Or he doesn't see them in the deep end. Or the alarm goes off? How did he know about Neil. Simon didn't know Graces address until he followed her? So how did Mallory's husband know Neil's address. I'm sure Simon didn't write it down. The writers are cheating. Grace did tell Neil about Milan.

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Tyrant Review: Who's the Better Brother Now?

LOVE THIS SHOW! GLAD IT GOT A SECOND SEASON, would not miss Barry's family if they got sent home,just don't like them or that pain in the ass sister of Molly's , sent her far away. want to see more scenes with the Jamal and Barry . love these 2 brothers

The Mysteries of Laura Review: A Preschool For Criminals

Not really impressed. It was Grace Adler with a gun. I like Debra Messing but she deserves better writing to make the most of her talent.


Did anyone else think it was careless (almost sloppy) for Jax and the gang to kill the two guys who helped them kill the Chinese? Its just bothering me that would kill the other Sons chapter's hired guns. They would notice and raise some questions it seems to me.

White Collar Season 6 Promo

O Neal ... You are awesome... And handsome


So happy for Captain Swan info. Hope I'll get to enjoy watching Hook and Emma all season long.


So many cool things happening this season, I am happy for it coming back. Glad you declared yourself a CaptainSwan shipper as am I! I am excited to see how they weather the bumps in the road

Haven Season 5 Episode 1 Premiere Review: "See No Evil"

I wasn't captivated by this episode. This episode moved at a glacial pace. It was 5 minutes of story telling jam packed into an hour. This is what happens when you get 26 episodes. I remember when this show was about the characters and not the Troubles. Now it seems to be about mean Mara (yeah, I got that after 3 minutes) and special effects. This show can't support 20+ episodes of Mara and hunting for the cause of the Troubles. S1 remains the best season. I'm 1 or 2 episodes away from bailing on this show for good.

Red Band Society Review: Send Pizza

This show reminds me of the fault in our stars so much. No not just because of the subject matter but because of the story telling. The way this show effortlessly tugs at heart strings, making you go from laughing to crying in a heart beat, it is great writing. I find all the characters to be equally compelling, not a single one I don't want to get to know more or that I'm not already falling in love with. I have seen a lot of places saying this show is just mediocre and I feel like those people are insane. No it isn't for everyone, not everyone likes stories about kids who are dying, but it is far from mediocre.I will without a doubt be tuning in each week for this!


Would really like to join you guys on twitter, but too hard to find network connection out here. Carissa, now matter what happens after tonight's episode, just gotta say how much fun it's been commenting with you on this show. Looking forward to following you on other series. Regin ,much more lite hearted. I did get to see both new previews for ton, and wouldn't you know it, looks like a toss up. Grace and Neil, and Anika along with 17 plus years of marriage, or Grace and Simon and his new, probably ill gotten millions? Wonder if the IRS would like to know about this money?
I wonder if we're supposed to see the irony in that Grace has been buying Simon and now Simon is trying to buy Grace. I really hope it ends well for Neil.
Will be going crazy all night, waiting to read what happened here in morning.

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