The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 4 Review: Black Market

Ever hear of the word PATIENCE Vega? She just got on my nerves. Like the article said you can't just flip a switch and make it all better. Cho told her what to do. Do her job! I would think she would understand that he needs to be able to trust her afterall when you are out chasing the bad guys you have to know your partner has your back. Unless this story about Abbott and his wife is going to benefit Jane I don't want to waste time on it. They say this is the last season and only 13 episodes long so why waste time on the character development of Abbott unless it will some how free Jane of his murder charges. I agree that what Jane said at the end of the episode was troubling but maybe he just wants to leave the FBI and Lisbon could work in law enforcement somewhere else and be in charge like she used to be. I don't know what Jane is thinking. I hope it was just because he was sick and not thinking clearly and not the writers foretelling the future of Jane and Lisbon breaking up. I was shocked to see Jane sick. In a previous CBI episode Lisbon said Jane never gets sick. I wasn't that fond of how Lisbon did the psychic bit. Like Jane said she has seen him do it many times and he would help her. I would have liked to see her start with more confidence and do the whole thing with more confidence. Later she told Jane she enjoyed it. I would have never guessed that based on the look on her face during the event. I was disappointed that there wasn't more of Jane and Lisbon working side by side. I missed Jane's antics. I thought it was thoughtful of him to not go get into Lisbon's bed since he was sick. I did like that her suggesting that he go to her house and get in bed implied that he does now have the key to her house that they mentioned him having in the first episode. I am sooo ready for them to let their coworkers know what I am sure they already know. I am sooo ready for another romantic kiss. There are only 13 episodes this season I was hoping their relationship would move along faster. We haven't even seen them cuddling on the couch together at her place like we saw her and Pike doing. I love Cho and enjoyed his great lines and scenes but I would have liked to see more of Jane and less of Abbott. I think I am still angry at Abbott for just barging in on the CBI and shutting it down and treating the team like criminals. I know he wouldn't appreciate being treated like that when he was on the verge of catching a serial killer he had been chasing for years. As far as Jane leaving the FBI I thought he had that encrypted list of Bertram's as some sort of bargaining chip. I guess it just kept him out of jail but not free to do his own thing. For me the best episodes center on Jane, Lisbon, Cho, watching them work the current case, and watching Jane and Lisbon's relationship get stronger and more intimate. I would be thrilled if Cho had a love interest too.

Spindae 2o

Connor, Janice and Cisco! Great characters. Fairly enjoy them, hope to see much more from them!


Heh, Bruce Campbell as Santa Claus. That guy is awesome. Was it treacly sweet in the end? Sure, but it's Christmas. It's Autolycus from Xena versus Taggert from Eureka over the fate of the world... at Christmas! Snicker.

The Librarians Season 1 Episode 4 Review: And Santa's Midnight Run

I liked this episode less than others. It had some great moments, I especially liked the "good-will" concept. But over-all it veered too far to what worries me about the serie's propensities. Both the series and the movies could veer too far and too ineptly into the silly range. Noah Wylie's performance (and the scripting for his character) in the pilot for this series is a poster-child for this trend. It comes across as too out-of-tone, too awkward. And we all know Noah Wylie is capable of much more than that, cf ER and Falling Skies. The Librarians as a group of actors and characters are potentially more capable than the one-note personalities they've been given so far. Jacob pulls it off best. By way of comparison, Warehouse 13 could also be incredibly silly and occassionally veered into awkwardly so, but in general it never completely lost its darker themes and edgier tone. Once Upon a Time although not silly also unfortunately shares a tendency into Hallmark Movie territory, which is a shame because the subject matter and set-up is so rich for it and the Librarians. I don't expect a Game of Thrones here, but the CW by example seems to have found a respectable middle ground in many of its series. I suspect bottom-line the series needs better script-writing to find the depth and still be family-friendly. I love the Librarian and this series has lots of potential, interesting plot possibilities, a likable cast. If it strays and stays too far in the "light" category it may lose me. If not, I'll remain a true fan.

Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Belongs With Sonny?

I think Eric is still in love with Nicole; I don't know what it will take for Eric to wake-up and relize his love for N

The Best of 2014: 18 TV Couples Who Made Us Swoon

Where's Japril??!!


If Daniel grayson dies, then i guess Victoria and Emily will join hands not forgeting Charlet who will also go for fight training like Emily, they join together and revenge for Daniels death. It will be nice for the two sisters to unite and fight a war in the name of family.


I can't believe they killed off Daniel I am waiting to see who they kill off next!

32 TV Characters We Still Can't Believe Have Left Us

The only NCIS I find interesting is NCIS Los Angeles. I figure it's probably because it's the diversity of actors on the script. Both NCIS and NCIS New Orleans are rather flat as far as diversity is concerned and hence a bit boring! ------------------------------------ health and wealth

Carla day

The last time Saul and Carrie were "at odds" and he "didn't help her" was when she was committed that was a ruse. Are they playing Dar? I hope that's the case. Saul and Carrie are better on the same side.

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