The Strain Season 1 Episode 11 Review: The Third Rail

Fet testing a 'UV Light Bomb' in Satrakian's Basement. The initial test fails with Fet surmising, 'Go with what we end up with and hope for the best.' Satrakian confirms that was his method for the past sixty years, I then realize this might be the reason the show's overall plot was so weak.


Things look pretty bleak, don't they? Ray is a smart man - I don't get why he had to keep attacking his father after police warned him (and after which, especially, he looked like he was backing down). Why would he put himself in that situation? I always thought of him as a more cold and calculating guy - especially when you consider the lengths to which he went in hiring Sully to kills his dad. That scene just doesn't make sense. Why is he adamant about allowing Kate to burn him? She even came to him, and he blew the opportunity to sweet talk her into relenting on her pursuit (although - here maybe he was being intelligent, knowing that she has to "do her job", whatever the consequences). And we haven't forgotten about Cookie either. How does this all play out for him? He's waiting on Ray to bring him the tape ( why do they keep calling it a "tape", when it's nothing like that? It's a recording - but in everyday use, people everywhere keep calling it "tape" and "taping"). What's Cookie's first move? My guess is that he'll pay a visit to Abby, looking for Ray. Abby will misinterpret this, and she'll shoot and kill him. That puts her in jail - because she won't be able to claim self-defense. And that's when she blows the whistle on Ray for keeping the murders a secret. Hey, a girl's gotta eat, right? Got to keep hearth and home together too, if only for the sake of the kids at least. She'll roll over Ray like a steam engine. Man, the next episode can get down so many different roads.


Thanks for the review. I am surprised that just when I think I can't detest Virginia and Bill anymore, they manage to take it even farther the next week. The only good thing about last night, and I also don't condone cheating, was that while poor little insecure, impotent, Bill, was weeping in Virginias arms, Libby was truly in a brief moment of sexual bliss. I also don't think she was seeking revenge against Bill, but I believe she's aware of the love affair. The smug, totally disrespectful way Virginia treated Libby, during the matching uniforms scene, was terrible. I still believe that Virginia, is just as self centered, as Bill. Now Virginia is suffering because her ex has pointed out that she's neglected her children and their step mom, is taking over. I say ,good for her ! The only thing that could have made it even better, is if her ex had said something to Libby about her husband sleeping with Virginia. The step mom's zingers were great. Loved it when she told the kids, that this was a very special time, when they can sit down with their mother for a rare dinner together, as she served them on paper plates. So at a time when Virginia is hurting with the possibility of losing her children, what's her priority? Babysitting Bill. I am not sure how it played out historical, but I laughed when the attorney told Virginia, to be careful not to open a can of worms, because it's kinda to late. Hopefully the ex filed for custody of the children based on the fact that their mother is having an affair with a married man, and the fact that she's on tv talking about sexual things that would surely impact her children in public. This is the sixties.


An hour of soft porn. Not my cup of tea.

The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 1 Review: The Line

It definitely was a dark season opener. The only bright spot was Eli's daughter...she was hysterical! Interesting to see if the writers can re-create a "Will" to fill an acting void. "WHAT" was he thinking?! Maybe, like "Dallas" he'll return and it was only a dream!


I can't wait for season 7 to begin. I wasn't happy with the finale but I can see that it was the set up for something big and I'm willing to wait a few episodes to get to the romantic wedding Rick and Kate deserve, especially since insiders say it will happen before the winter hiatus. What I don't understand are all of the people who log on here just to complain or say they're not watching. Then don't watch! Go watch something else and leave the actual fans here to have their fun. Why stick around just to bring down people who actually enjoy the show and plan to watch it?

Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Pilot

I don't like political shows and CBS seems to be stuck in a rut with it's programming.

@ Bonnie Maynes

CBS is a bit stuck in a rut with their programming, but it's worked so well for them in the past. Until it affects their bottom-line, they will keep pumping similar shows.

Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 10 Review: The Perfect Time

sorry for the typos...I hit enter before spell check

Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 10 Review: The Perfect Time

Barry Daviet So
let me get this straight. Through 10 episodes, we are to believe that
Grace having an affair was the way to solve her marital problems. That
having an affair was not the way for Mallory to solve hers. That
Mallorie's husband, a college professor, who more than likely gets hit
on daily by students, moves out his house and now wants to kill the man
who she paid to have sex with. Rational?? And all this started because
Mallory was riddled with guilt and tried to do the right thing by her
husband Guess killing Mallory is next. Why no character development
here? Grace & Neil now agree to seek help, even though neither has
fessed up, they show up at the therapist office, but leave because they
now have an understanding and they are off on a family vacation,
without Anika, so they can bond. That vision of Grace pinned against
the wall in the throes of ecstasy has haunted Neil for 6 months and he
still has not confronted her. They are now off to Milan together to
start Grace's new life, the life Neil and Anika deprived her of, and all
is well. Say What? Anika is buying cars, signing contracts, banging on
the pill and mom and dad don't have a clue. And I should be happy with
Sean Jablonski for writing such a bulls**t ending to a series that I
hoped had so much promise 10 weeks ago. Would I risk it all to save
it....HELL NO!!! The above was my Facebook post from yesterday and to save time I copied to give you some background as to where my head is after the final episode so I can join the discussion. Bushi 101, #1, I think I would confront both and direct to my wife WTF. The truth is, I really do not know how I would handle, although my gut would be busted & I don't think i would be violent. A whole range of emiotions, rage, anger, betrayal, fear, trust, hate & jeaosley would race through my mind and the question I would ask myself first is WHY? I feel in hindsight, this is what was missed in Season 1. We saw grace tortured at the end of E8 through the fimale, but why not earlier. She had no remorse or feeling until then and the writers placed her in a rightious position. What Neil did was wrong, but, the writers left him to carry the burden for her affair, even though were fully resposable. The fact that the writers make nothing plausable makes thigs worse. Simon, the millionare who stores priceless art in a mini storage is an example. i have my Showtime subscription in for the start of The Affair on Oct 11.

@ Barry Daviet

Simon didn't steal. It looks like an inheritance and he comes for a wealthy family.

The Strain Season 1 Episode 11 Review: The Third Rail

If they follow the books, there is an explanation for the way the Master looks. And he will look better later on.

@ AntonioSaucedo

That's what I've been telling folks, but they were expecting him to be scarier right off the bat. You only get one shot to make a first impression right?

@ Henry A. Otero

He's as scary as anything else I've seen in a vampire show/movie.

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