Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Status Asthmaticus

1) regarding reanimation... This is one of the nematon's powers. From his conversation with Lydia Theo obviously knew Parrish would take the bodies there. And the sum was obviously part of the plan. The dread doctors have obviously been working toward this all along
2) HONESTLY... This was a MIDSEASON finale, and not meant to be the penultimate episode.
3) Think of Parrish/Hellhound as being kind of like a force of nature. He protects the supernatural, and Deaton has been saying all along there are rules. This season he's also been saying someone is trying to break the rules (Dread Doctors). If it's Parrish's job to protect the supernatural then it's also his job to protect the rules. That means during 5b at least he'll be fighting alongside Scott and his pack against the Dread Doctors, Theo and the chimera pack.
4) my guess is at least part of the story in 5b will involve Scott wanting to save all the chimeras (rather than kill them) and undo what the Dread Doctors did to them. I'm betting Deaton will show up again with either clues or a solution. I am also betting Theo's demise will involve refusing the cure and somehow killing himself in the process.


This article is right on. Thank you to Nina for taking Elenahoe and DULLena off our screens. This show has suffered because of that horrible pairing. Anything in S7 will be better than what we have been seeing and I can't wait to see it!

Hell on Wheels Season 5 Episode 7 Review: False Prophets

Love the show, (since its beginning), sad to see it end next year..However, this storyline between Cullen and Niaomi is ABSURD! She is way to young for him,, maturity and life experience levels are not compatible,, stupid, stupid stupid!! Besides,,didn't the Swede say that as the fake Mormon minister who performed their wedding ceremony, it was not truly a legal marriage. I still think Niaomi was knocked up by her own father and just used Cullen as a scapegoat. And we will ever find out who killed his REAL wife and son we saw in the first episode?? After all, isnt this one of the major story lines of this show??

@ tricia

We had an idea of who killed his first wife and son from the very beginning. These were the Union soldiers he chased for a long time. That's his original reason for working on the railroad. He had heard a few of them were working there, and his original plan was to take this job at the Union Pacific to be close to them, so he could kill them. Ultimately, he realized that killing shouldn't be the purpose of his life and that he wanted to make something of value, not destroy lives. So, he spared the lives of the last guys and gave up on revenge. The change took place at the end of the second season, just before the Gayton brothers stepped down from being the showrunners and were replaced by John Wirth, who realized how much the two storylines (revenge and construction) were at odds. I don't believe for a minute that Cullen wouldn't be the father of Naomi's kid. Nothing's ever hinted of any incestuous relationship between Naomi and her father. He's a terrible guy, but not up to that point. And the kid is the main reason for which Cullen tried to give his marriage a chance, and is looking for his son, having lost his first one. It was shown during season four that there was no real passion between Cullen and Naomi. It's also obvious that the writers are setting up something between Cullen and Mei for next year. They devoted a few episodes this year to their relationship, and showed she was a good match for him. But, of course, there's the issue of the love interests for Cullen who are killed more or less gratuitously, like Lily Bell and Ruth Cole.

@ Dwigt

Mei will be back. Cullen admires her spunk.


Damn good series, a long wait for the final episodes. However there's TWD, GoT, Penny Dreadful, Znation and a few others to keep us amused.

Dominion Season 2 Episode 8 Review: The Longest Mile Home

Oh boy, so I totally binge watched Dominion from the first episode of season 1 to this latest installment in just this week, and I am blown away by how good this is. Since 12 monkeys, I haven't come to a series that made me want to get involved in theories of what's to come next, until... this! Hank, thanks for all your reviews, they do give some real food for thought. Just caught up with your questions on every episode in this season. Firstly, I have to say, I am most invested in Michael and Gabriel's story lines. They are certainly the shining stars of the show and the biggest game changers from what I can see. Julian is completely horrific, and I think he will succeed for some time in occupying Gabriel's body - but that could open up some interesting story lines involving infiltrating the relationship between Michael and Alex,
and driving a wedge between those two. Ultimately, it is my hope that Alex will rise above the challenge and manage to evict Julian from Gabriel, strengthen the two brother's alliance and bond. Can you imagine how epic an alliance of Alex-Gabriel-Michael would look like in the face of a greater enemy? The second burning question I have (no pun intended), is who is that guy who can burn angels with this bare hands like dragon ball Z? I know he mainly appeared in the previous episode, but Noma raised the question in this one. I think it is possible that he is not a good guy, and like you, I think there's a possibility that he is the (false) prophet of Mallory and possibly Lucifer himself. Now, why would Lucifer seemingly protect a town's people from angel possession? Well, perhaps the lesson to be learnt would be from General Riesen's backstory - that the art of war involves deception. What greater deception is there than to masquerade as God? Michael never heard the version of the chosen's one story, which alluded to Alex being either the bringer of peace or the harbinger of death for all. Maybe this is the lie that Lucifer wants to plant in Michael's head, to make him doubt Alex when it looks like he
might be faltering. Julian possessing Gabriel could certainly trip things up for Alex, especially if Julian manages to deceive Michael/Alex into believing it is still Gabriel. Thirdly, Riesen. So he is not Riesen. Who is this guy? Will his true identity be important to the show? Will this change who Claire really is and what her real role is in the bigger picture? Will his true identity protect him somehow from his mistake of becoming a Dyad? Fourthly, William is alive! And he plays a false prophet in the end! There seems to be a strong theme of false prophetry and deception in this episode. Well done to the writers for weaving this theme into so many different storylines. Ok, Gates/Claire. Not buying into that relationship either. Smells of rebound. But I am also no longer invested in Claire and Alex getting back together, especially now that she has tragically lost the baby. It seems their connection is lost now. It would take some epic writing to convincingly bring those two back to where they left off. Will Gates die? Or does Arika still have some moves left up her sleeve to turn him to her uses through the promise of intermittent antidotes? Who knows? Finally, let's talk about the PG-13 orgy scene. You are totally right about the strangeness of TV being quite comfortable showing truly gory scenes of blood and violence, but sometimes a bit awkward when it comes to sex. I don't know how I feel about four bodies laying in perfect tandem in a bed like four sardines in a tin, shoulder kissing, fully clothed. I wanted it to be sexy... but it felt a little 'my first kiss'. I don't know about you, but to me, an orgy should be more messy, more fierce, and certainly much less clothed. Maybe they needed to steam that up a little ala Game of Thrones style. Sorry, but for an Arc Angel like Gabriel who fights so fierce, would definitely f**k more fierce. But, I can forgive the shortcomings of that scene (you see what I did there?) because this show is otherwise epic and has delivered consistently great TV.


10/10 It was the perfect end. I really don't understand how anybody could want an ending in which Will shoots Hannibal in the head. All season it was pretty clear they couldn't let each other go. "Can't live with or without each other" is how Bedelia put it. So for me, it was obvious Will would never be able to kill Hannibal and walk back to his wife. But this knowledge didn't take away any of the excitement during the episode, because the question was still whether Will would accept his dark, twisted side and how it would be done. In short: it was done perfectly. Cinematography, music, dialogue, acting - a worthy end of a great series. "Why on earth would Jack and Alana trust that everything would have gone according to plan?"
Imo it wasn't Will they underestimated, it was the Dragon. Maybe I missed something, but to me it seemed Dolarhyde took them by surprise when he attacked the convoy. Their plan was for the Dragon to make his move somewhere else, wasn't it? "Will Graham was a better and stronger person than the creature of dependency that Hannibal molded him into."
Wow, we have totally different perceptions of Wills character x-D To me, Will was a very torn character. Sometimes his darker side won, sometimes his lighter side. Of course Hannibal tried to manipulate Will (and he did pretty well in season 1), but Will just as much manipulated Hannibal. They were worthy opponents and I don't see Will as the dependent one here. "The only thing that surprised me was that she was left alive, and only lost a limb."
Again, I understood it differently. Just as Hege Halvorsen Ålgårdstad said, Bedelia cut off her own leg as a peace offering in case Hannibal came knocking. Which he never did.

Noisy from norway
@ San

I agree 100% with everything you wrote. I just didn't want too write such a long review. (English not being my native language). I would love to see more seasons but at the same time I am ok with this being the series finale.

@ Hege Halvorsen Ålgårdstad

Me too. Nowadays you have to be happy when a series ends on a high note instead of dying a slow, painful death (with the writing getting bad/weird or actors tired of their roles...).
BUT I'm also selfish and really want more Hannibal episodes ;-))

Extant Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Don't Shoot the Messenger

Am I the only one who was'nt really disappointed with the poor, late introduction of the supposed terrorist/ co inventor of the humanics programme Cadwell?? It felt like a really lame reason behind Lucy's behaviour.... felt so anticlimatic and cliche... ec co inventor had a falling out with his collegue, seeking revenge by getting back at him and uses their invention for selfish, world domineering purposes, .... I mean,come on really??? And this is he a devil or savior nonsense.. really? They just pull this character out of the blue with no prior mentioning of him at all and expect us to go with it? And I thought Julie was the one who helped create humanics anyway. Things just don't add up and make sense.. Besides from that, the episode was okish, but I expected more from it.. didi'nt really live up to it's hype and expectations. Still like the show, just disapointed by this stupid plot development.

Suits Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Faith

My money is on Forstman , Rachel's mom or Trevor ... and oh boy Patrick had me in tears :'(


Ending it like that was totally RETARDED! I was soooo enjoying this show!, then.... "Oh well, guess we are done here". Who the hell does that?


When I was watching this bit I just cracked up laughing. Just because of the name! aha