The Taste Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Finale

He's just so dull. I can't even be mad. I'm fine that he won (though I would have preferred Benjamin) but he's just so... bleh.

15 Lovliest Ladies of Law Enforcement

Trieste Kelly Dunn as Siobhan Kelly


I'm enjoying the Flash experience lol except can 2 issues be looked at:
1.. Flash in love with the Policemans daughter, please - They R so unsuited & their chemistry is non existent it's boring when they R on screen together. It's the same old story repeated endlessly in TV shows
Flash & the girl in the lab R a much better relationship 4 Romance, they have good chemistry and the story can go much further with a relationship between these 2 characters.
2.. Maybe Flash could look at doing some exercise besides running e.g. weights etc 2 build his body up a little as he's supposed 2B a man & he looks like he's 2 young 4 this role, he looks about 18

Carolyn levesque

no matter what happens on Dool it can't compare to the excitement Ejami brought.
I'm glad Chad isn't taking any garbage from the sanctimonious Res. of Salem. BarBoy deserved to get charged.

Carolee gross

I think the PJ's Patrick was wearing suits him very well.I can see why Patrick stirred Teresa away from the shoot out.He did not want her to get shot and lose her .Again he would lose someone he loves.He was not ready to lose someone he loved.I can understand Teresa being angry because it her job to be in line of fire to save other people.

Sleepy Hollow Round Table: Killer Painting

i hate the Katrina/Ichabod relationship. IT sucks, and Katrina sucks too. Sleepy Hollow used to be one of my favorite shows, it still could be! They have lost some of the humor too. More Ichabod and Abbie, loose Katrina already. She is the weakest character on the show. ditch her!

32 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

Ziva, I want you back, I quit watching even though I still like Gibbs and Illiad but the rest I haven't watched maybe a couple of times. Even New Orleans NCIS is not nearly as good. If I can get it I will watch NCIS LA. Thanks Ziva you always made my day.


i loved this episode. the way zoe fled to ny, how wade followed her, first talked about zoe and his love for her with her mother and then confessed his love-of-his-life-feelings for zoe <3 and crazy earl! i love you! and finally zoe is ready to try again. i'm looking forward to the next episode because on this one we've only got to see one zade-kiss and that wasn't enough for me.
i'm not sure what to think about the lemon-lavon-annabeth(-george)-thing. i loved lavon and AB when they were together but i also loved the 'affair-chemistry' lavon and lemon shared. and with george out of game lemon i think i prefer lemon and lavon because they never really had a change to try it together as an official couple..but i'm a bit disappointed that lemon didn't tell AB what was going on with lavon and the ferry..they've all grown so much and they should know that communication is the key, like the review said before. i hope it doesn't get that messed up and they will all come clean soon.

@ Lisa

After AB told Lemon how she was still in love with Lavon, how could Lemon tell her about the ferry and Lavon's feelings? They almost lost each other as friends over Lavon before and I think Lemon is going to hold back because of AB - at least until AB has moved on.


Another good episode that moved things along nicely--After waiting for what feels like forever for Zoe and Wade to reconcile, we are finally there (at least for the moment). Hopefully we will get to see their relationship develop and deepen in believable and interesting ways. I liked the way they brought Zoe full circle--running back to NY again but this time she is more grounded and knows that the visit is temporary. She senses that NY is her old life even before Wade arrives on the scene. I like that Wade went to NY--he's still himself, but come a long way from the drunken womanizing country bumpkin Zoe met on a dusty road long, long ago. There are even hints of a true Southern gentleman emerging. I liked the way he pursed a conversation with Zoe's mother first and the way he referenced her prior slap. The writers are doing a much better job of connecting the threads and tying up more loose ends (one thing the writers didn't do very well last season.) I look forward to seeing Zade unfold...love their humor as couple and their chemistry. Long live Zade and baby! ; ) I also found the storyline with Lemon and Annabelle interesting and productive. Again, we've been waiting patiently for the writers to show their hand with regard to George or Lavon for Lemon. I think Lavon is the more compelling direction for Lemon, and think that both George and Annabelle need a fresh start to their love lives. I look forward to seeing where the writers take them and how they will bring Lavon and Lemon back together. Good stuff. I noticed their ratings were up slightly too--yay! probably not enough and not soon enough for CW to save the series, but it's a shame because the actors and premise are charming and full of potential. Either way, I'd love to see HOD have a successful last season--it's been a great ride and rare to find a show that is light but also meaningful---way too much darkness on the airwaves these days. It makes me appreciate shows like HOD even more...

@ beth

I couldn't agree more! I also liked how George realizes that he's drawn to Lemon because he loves their past history. Somewhere that resonated with me, I imagine if I had been with someone for 15 years I too would probably go back for the comfort and familiarity of it all. I thought that was great writing. I don't know how Lemon and Lavon will actually fair as a couple has we've never seen them together, just moments but I'm intrigued by it. The scene when Wade first talks to Zoe in the Kitchen with George and Lavon watching was hilarious!

The Mentalist Round Table: Will They Work It Out?

First of all, it is so interesting to read all these comments and especially those in the Round Table discussion. I look forward to them every week.
A propos Jane and Lisbon's night time conversation in the airstream before she lulled him back to bed. Jane said, "Someone could get hurt", although he was specifically referring to his fears about Lisbon getting hurt I think. Had he mentioned that he was worried about Lisbon herself, maybe the conversation would have become more personal and his real fears might have been discussed and exposed. Remember it was his vanity and showmanship that got his family killed, so he is terrified that once more it might be his plan that could end tragically for him.
I know they will work it out but I feel Jane will leave the FBI. He's on a contract so he might have to stand trial for the murder of Sherriff McAlister.