Carissa; Now I know why you and I see things differently sometimes. "Noah's pass at Eden at the hotel reminds us why they broke up." Really. Eden showed up at his hotel room. Eden was the aggressor. Eden then pulled the plug. What was HER game. To tell the truth. All of us guys that you know from Satisfaction would be hard pressed to turn down a women like Eden if she showed up at our door. I hate Noah, but I'm going to cut him some slack here.


I have to say, after watching this episode, what are they (the writers) doing to Jane?
My first thought was, "Is this Jane the Bumbling Idiot show?"
What is happening? Jane was a smart young lady in season 1. Now suddenly she is a bumbling idiot? Because she had a baby?? Seems all of her self-confidence and smarts went out the window!
Yes, nobody's perfect and we all make mistakes, but that seems to be all they are focusing on in every episode. I'm becoming disheartened. If the writers don't snap out of it, I may have to quit watching. They are destroying Jane.


Nice to get a little back story on LaSalle........... Still waiting for more with Brody and Sebastian and those pictures................

@ Terrie

It'll be nice to get back to those pictures, though in terms of this episode I think they would have been a distraction. I completely agree that it was nice to get that backstory on LaSalle!

NCIS Season 13 Episode 10 Review: Blood Brothers

Gibbs and Bishop really "conned" this prisoner with their promise of a parole review as if they were giving him a special deal . All federal prisoners with life or life without parole are automatically reviewed after 30 years. Some get it like Johnathan Pollard convicted of espionage who was freed this year.

@ Walter

Is that true when you're in a military prison, as he was?

@ Douglas Wolfe

Not sure, but since this was started by SECDEF, the 2nd most powerful man in Washington after POTUS, the least SECDEF could do would be to give him some privileges. Life in Leavenworth is "hard" time.


"Another positive was Lindsay Wagner playing the role of Bishop's mom Barbara Bishop. Although to be honest, she's changed so much that I doubt we'd have recognized her had we not been forewarned that she was to be in the episode. Maybe it's the glasses. Anyway, it was so good to see her again." I don't agree that Lindsay has changed that much at all. I thought she looked great and could still picture her on The Bionic Woman. She did and does make a great addition to the cast and I hope we get to see her again down the line. This was a typical NCIS episode in my view. The case of the week to me kinda fell flat. The ego on that prisoner thinking he could just get out of jail because he donates bone marrow..........and as Douglas mentioned we didn't really have enough to be invested into the dying Navy Lieutenant. I agree that Palmer and his character has gotten beyond grating. It's time to grow his character beyond saying something totally stupid with Gibbs standing right behind him. Now to Bishop, she needed time to process what had happened. She still may be unsure what she is going to do, but when it comes down to it, I don't think she will get back together with Jake. I'm still hoping this doesn't turn out to be some Jake being undercover crap that a lot are speculating is the case. As I said last week, Nobody in their right mind would ruin their marriage for a job. Was an ok episode and I couldn't be more happy they ARE NOT taking a lengthy hiatus like most other shows are right now............


Every time I see Gary Glasberg moving himself from executive producer to writer I cringe. Last night was no different. Credits said Story by Gary Glasberg and Jennifer Corbett with Teleplay by Jennifer Corbett. So, I believe Jennifer sufficiently cleaned up whatever Gary dumped into her lap. It was a lightweight Thanksgiving episode and kept my interest for the entire hour.
I wish at the end we could have met the rest of Bishop's family. I also hope this marriage issue gets settled promptly rather than slip into soap territory.

NCIS Season 13 Episode 10 Review: Blood Brothers

Gary Glasburg (sic) as a show runner has never lived up to the Shane Brennan seasons. Too shmaltzy IMHO

@ Peter

And Shane Brennan never came close to Don Bellasario. In a lot of ways, Brennan ruined NCIS and the character of Ziva for a lot of people. Under his stewardship it was no longer NCIS, it became some organization better suited to a Robert Ludlum or Tom Clancy novel. One of the things I will give Glasberg props for - and don't get me wrong, I have significant issues with some of the things he's done with the show - is that at least he's returned it to more what the Bellasario years were like.

@ Lisa Liscoumb

Oh, yes. Brennan almost ruined the whole show focusing on the Ziva hour and the so-called 'tiva' thing. I just wish Glasberg would ease off on all the personal parts and focus back on crime solving.

The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 6 Review: Lies

Um.... is it me or did the main case of the show not resolve? The lie detector thing?? Does anyone even notice the case anymore?

Blindspot Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Evil Handmade Instrument

I'm tired of the show now. I suspect the show will suffer upon its return because people will have moved on to shows with substance, which this one doesn't have. The hype surrounding the show was about this mysterious tattoed women who appeared to be a "badass" and had serious abilties. It's quickly turned into a crime drama and nothing more. It's like all the other character's side stories are more important than Jane's and we can only get back to the REAL story at the start of the season and before finales. In the meantime we're only putting time in until we get to the important episodes. The other thing I think the show needs to be mindful of is making Jane into an unlikeable character, which is reall close to happening. Quite frankly, there aren't many likeable characters on this show right now except Jane. I suspect the show will suffer upon its return because people will have moved on to shows with substance, which this one doesn't have. And no, the two leads have absolutely NO chemistry.

Castle Season 8 Episode 8 Review: Mr. & Mrs. Castle

Bruno we are again in agreement.
I have heard but have not read that the interview that H&W did pst time after the show was alarming,they said that they were going to have public fights and everyone I guess even Martha will think they are divorcing.This is awful.
I really think they should have a new case when they return....the name will be Who Murdered Castle.....yes they will investigate their own murder,it's freaky just like the old cases,but very important because we need the murderers put out of their and our misery.I know,I know I am crazy but these crazy people worse.
Now that Martha has now lost identity,the hiatus is now back on according to ABC is there any hope at all?

@ Lindag

Lindag,great idea !!! Caskett investigating their own murders and finding the writers to be guilty and putting them away for life.I hope ABC reads this and puts it into practice.:)