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I think the real problem is, until lately, mostly the team worked as a whole. Not so anymore. It seems one or two are always left behind. Not good. And about that rock, paper, scissors thing between Tony and McGee. Neither wanted to go with Gibbs. McGee won with paper over rock. Why did McGee go? And I really don't like Tony in the background. Not once in that episode did I see that remarkable DiNozzo smile. I think you should write an episode where the whole team is on an airplane and it's high-jacked by terrorists. They take out the terrorists, of course, but the problem is there's no one on the plane who can fly the huge aircraft...and the radio is out. Good luck.


What makes it so hard for couples to talk to each other? In Satisfaction, Neil tells Grace that he tried to quit his job. She blows him off not understanding the seriousness of the statement. How hard would it have been for Neil to say, “No Grace, I really did try to quit my job and I need to talk about it.” There is something that Neil has done that they have not addresses , that makes Grace not want to have sex with him. Instead of saying, “I am too tired,” why not address the real problem? Better yet, why not address it when it first occurred. The problems in their marriage have grown so big that they have resulted in both of them cheating. They both know that Grace has cheated and they still are not talking about the elephant in the
room. The way this is going, they will not talk about it until after they
separate. Then they can reminisce about all the things they did it screw of their marriage and how they could resolved their problems if they would just have talked to each other. The sad part is that this same lack of communication happens in real life.

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Good point. The biggest lack of communication was the night after the bar fight. When Grace woke up and saw the note that Neil was working late she went to Simons knowing full well what was going to happen.
What she should have done is rested up and waited until he came home. She should have then said remember what I told you last night? I want you to go with me for counciling. If he said no. Then she should have said. Well I'm going to go, because I need to figure out if I want to stay in this marriage. That would have gotten his attention.

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Link to spoiler videos? Stealing?

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We don't know why Grace cheated. She conveniently echoed the Zen Masters remarks about Neil, as applying to her also. In truth, she knows nothing about what Neil did, nor why. She will find out about his escorting. I bet she will have an over the top response to someone betraying her. Grace did not cheat to better her marriage by understanding her spouse and his desires. She betrayed him solely and completely for her own needs. In no way was her cheating about changing her relationship with Neil. Neil did none of the kind. His cheating was only about Grace and what she might have been looking for. In fact, Neil pursued a false premise. Grace committed adultery, because a hot young stud took an interest in her. She was intent in getting her own satisfaction, which had nothing to do with Neil or his needs. Neil was willing to risk all to better understand Grace, and thus improve his marriage, Grace cheated because it made her feel good, without regard to the consequences. Only when Simon and Grace started to form a non client - escort bond, did she go to a psychologist. Most of the time when women go for therapy of this type, it is for reinforcement to justify their moral failures. In episode 10 when Grace tells her sister that she is a bad person, she is correct. She is a lying, stealing, adulteress. Her lack of moral grounding causes her husband to betray his moral ideals. After bedding Adriana a second time, Neil decided to terminate further physical contact. When faced with continuous sexual advances from Adriana, Neil maintains his abstention from intimacy with her. This is nothing like Graces' 6 month dalliance with Simon. I suspect we have not seen the end of the Grace- Simon romance. Since the relationship will no longer be for pay, it must be classified for passion and romance. The pursuit of love. This is what Sean Jablonski probably means about the Grace -Simon relationship changing or taking a different course.. Grace will ultimately betray every facet of her marital life. In one of the internet spoiler sites I saw out takes from sex scenes between Grace and Simon, which were not shown. They were hot. If they had shown those scenes we would not be discussing Grace's motivation.

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I have high hopes for him unlike that lame villain markos last season!

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You are right Markos was the worst of all villains there had been on TVD. He really suked at his role, fell flat!!

Bones Season 10 Episode 1 Review: The Conspiracy in the Corpse

Too sad.... I will stick with watching the old episodes. I am definitely over my Bones obsession! Horrible.


People, dont expect the quality improve on the next episodes
I have some intel that proves that keeps the same of decrease even more


This happened rather fast! Quite exited about the premier TVF!
1.Fav scene?
- I must say the Abby-Liv clash was quite good, really enjoyed that. The funeral scene was quite intense as well. And the Jolivia bed scene was really well done as well.
Quote: Melie and her shaving state.
2.Olivia returning?
-Olivia has no family, the Gladiators are her family and her family fall apart. So she needed to comeback.
3.Melie or Huck?
-Not even possible to compare. Melie was so perfecf last night, I teared up last night.
4.Pen an Euolgy!
He was smart, he was explosive and he just didn't deserve to die.
5. Grade it!
A solid A-. It has some faulty moments but a really. Strong strong instalment. Our Gladiators are back.

Scandal Season 4 Episode 1 Review: Are We Gladiators, Or...

I want it to be Jake's turn all day! He had the line of the night with their bed play. "I'm the one..."

@ Resarenee

So I guess if Jake is "the one"..... then "closet gate" and "desk gate" was all apart of our "imaginations". Perhaps Vermont was all a dream as well and Fitz definitely didn't due anything to light Olivia's fire on "the trail" lol. I didn't buy that line from Jake at all. He was definitely reaching.

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 1 Review: It's All Relative

episode sucked. the action was extremely exaggerated. meredith's half sister beating the vending machine after their argument? omaaagod? at the drama gimme a fucking break.
this series is going down the drain hole they might as well cancel it already

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Round Table: The First 0-8-4

1)Did you enjoy the Season 2 premiere? Anything surprise you?
I was freaking out right before my heart couldn't stop beating. Then when it came out my heart didn't stop till I found out about my poor Fitz. It was just so heart breaking. The premiere was just wonderful, couldn't have asked for more. Pretty much everything that happened kept me on my toes as it should.
2)What did you think of new agents Isabelle "Izzy" Hartley, Lance Hunter, Idaho and Alphonso "Mack" MacKenzie?
I really couldn't get much of a feeling for them I mean they came and went just like that. I would have liked to get to know Izzy a bit more before killing her off that way we could really be invested in the characters. I hope we see more of the others that way we can get to know them whether we hate them or like them.
3)What are your thoughts on Carl "Crusher" Creel (a.k.a. the Absorbing Man) and his visual effects?
This season it looks like they are holding nothing back. The visual effects were amazing and I can't wait to see more of it. The fact that he doesn't talk much just makes him seem way scarier. I would not want to run into him in a dark alley. Just saying.
4)How did you feel watching Skye and Ward's first interaction since learning he's Hydra?
I think Skye is going to be a total badass this season. It was such a good scene completely different then what they have done last season. I am going to like how they do this pairing. But I think Ward is really legit at least with Skye. He was never loyal to Hydra only to Garrett and he found out that Garrett was batshit crazy so I think he is starting to see he was wrong, not there yet but he will be I have Faith.
5)Share your initial impression of Fitz and his temporal lobe damage.
Can we just not talk about it. My poor Fitz... there are just no words so I think that should answer that question.
6)Anything specific you're looking forward to seeing this season? Skye and her connection to the 0-8-4. Did anyone else see that? I want to know all about the 0-8-4s and the creepy drawings and if Skye is going to go crazy as well.

@ FandomRandom

Skye's connection to the 0-8-4? Do you mean the obelisk? Well we know the mysterious writing is definitely connected to the blue alien. Notice how Coulson took Raina off speaker phone when she mentioned Garrett and the writing? Skye was an 0-8-4 herself to begin with and later given GH.325 to save her life. It's just a matter of time before she starts writing the mysterious alien language I think.

Chris Wood to Play "Psychotic" Villain on The Vampire Diaries Season 6

He is hot. Welcome to TVD HOTNESS