Kyra Sedgwick to Battle Holt on Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2

Ha - she was an assistant deputy chief on The Closer and always fighting to keep her team from being disbanded. Interesting choice.

7 New Summer Shows You Should Be Watching

The new show from USA "Satisfaction" is a good show. Interesting twist in the pilot.

Under the Dome Review: What's 1821?

That it has only been two (2) weeks since the Dome came down is becoming more and more un-believable by the second. It seems that for every person killed, some un-known trouble making person shows up ready and able to do harm. Two weeks ago there were woods, caves and a lake under the Dome, NOW underground tunnels are found under the school no less. Guess Rebecca (sp) missed that.
As far as human behavior is concerned-- Norrie has been somewhat temperamental from the beginning, now she has also become tedious. Phil's fate was sealed as soon as BJ made him THE SHERIFF. Barbie and Julia on the other hand act as if they've known each other, like, forever. I guess two weeks can seem like forever when your in LUV!! I'm hoping Sam turns out to be more nefarious than what we've seen so far, after all, someone needs to put BJ's scheming you know what in check.
The writers better come up with a doozy of a supernatural entity quickly if this show is to remain on my need to watch list.


I decided to watch Frozen only after I heard about the arc coming on to Once Upon a Time, and I disagree with those who say you don't need to see Frozen to follow the story line. I think it would be necessary. You're hearing about all these great Frozen characters and not knowing about them would be a disservice to viewers. It's not like the well known Rapunzel, Cinderella or Snow White story lines. It's pretty unknown by many and I think if viewers of OUAT want to follow when Elsa and the others turn up, they need to watch Frozen first. Besides, they won't regret it; it's a lovely show and I plan to re-watch it several more times, and I'm not even a fan of animation!


I am just looking forward to Blacklist returning. There is something so special about that show. Dark and yet full of emotional intensity for all the characters. Sure I have my favorites but I like to be surprised .


I look forward to these reviews each week! I am going to rewatch the show again!


Phenomenal interviews Jim... I already love this cast! The Flash is at the top of my list for the fall. Super stoked!

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Unforgettable(they need their own page), Rizzoli and Isles, Major Crimes,Rookie Blue, Motive, Under The Dome.

Major Crimes Review: On the Bubble

Just noting - I have really been enjoying this season of Major Crimes very, very much. The lighter episodes (like this one) have been great, and the serious ones have been well done also, IMO. And I think Rusty has been one of the most realistic teenagers on TV. He doesn't stop his "annoying moments" in a show or two - what teenager does? He makes the same mistakes more than once, just like all teenagers. When you get beneath the protective shell - - his heart is generous and hungry for real affection; just like the teenager I was and the ones I used to teach!

Elena Satine to Get Unhinged on Revenge Season 4

is she another clark??