Jane said all he wanted was for Lisbon to be happy and he was willing to sacrifice his desire to be with her and let her go with Pike if it made her happy. So I would think he would be willing to bear the burden of fear if it meant Lisbon was happy doing the work she loved. An important point for Jane to consider is that Lisbon will be safer if she knows she can work without wondering if Jane is interfering. Jane should understand that. He needs to support her and deal with his fears by being a good friend, lover, companion, colleague, husband (eventually). Nothing in life is certain. Jane knows that. Lisbon could get killed or die from any number of causes, and so could he. They should just trust each other, have each other's back, and love each other and hope for the best. It's all anyone can do in any circumstances. Jane should be smart enough to know that. It may be the whole point of the scene where he talked to Lily about how her son would remember her. Jane will remember that and take that long view and accept that danger goes with Lisbon's job and what she does is for the greater good. His acceptance of that and giving her his full support is also for the greater good. That may be the message the show is putting across right now.

@ rationalgal2

Jane has to realize that as great as his fear is in him, Lisbon has a very strong fear of his conning her. Until this point, S7 has been all about JISBON working TOGETHER on plans that have worked well (GREYBAR HOTEL aside) and have encouraged her to work with him even when she had doubts as in OBIC. This has built trust in Teresa that was totally shattered by this stunt. The resolution will be that he will have to reveal ALL DETAILS of his plans to her or risk everything they've made together. What fear is Patrick most able to cope with? Losing Teresa to possible job related action OR seeing her walk away because she refuses to be conned ?

Castle Season 7 Episode 12

Who played Layla Nazif? I have seen her before but I cant remember where, or her name.

Revenge Season 4 Episode 11 Review: Goodbye, Daniel Grayson

Why couldn't Emily and Margaux fall in love and rise the kid together?

The Taste Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Finale

He's just so dull. I can't even be mad. I'm fine that he won (though I would have preferred Benjamin) but he's just so... bleh.

15 Lovliest Ladies of Law Enforcement

Trieste Kelly Dunn as Siobhan Kelly


I'm enjoying the Flash experience lol except can 2 issues be looked at:
1.. Flash in love with the Policemans daughter, please - They R so unsuited & their chemistry is non existent it's boring when they R on screen together. It's the same old story repeated endlessly in TV shows
Flash & the girl in the lab R a much better relationship 4 Romance, they have good chemistry and the story can go much further with a relationship between these 2 characters.
2.. Maybe Flash could look at doing some exercise besides running e.g. weights etc 2 build his body up a little as he's supposed 2B a man & he looks like he's 2 young 4 this role, he looks about 18

Carolyn levesque

no matter what happens on Dool it can't compare to the excitement Ejami brought.
I'm glad Chad isn't taking any garbage from the sanctimonious Res. of Salem. BarBoy deserved to get charged.

Carolee gross

I think the PJ's Patrick was wearing suits him very well.I can see why Patrick stirred Teresa away from the shoot out.He did not want her to get shot and lose her .Again he would lose someone he loves.He was not ready to lose someone he loved.I can understand Teresa being angry because it her job to be in line of fire to save other people.

Sleepy Hollow Round Table: Killer Painting

i hate the Katrina/Ichabod relationship. IT sucks, and Katrina sucks too. Sleepy Hollow used to be one of my favorite shows, it still could be! They have lost some of the humor too. More Ichabod and Abbie, loose Katrina already. She is the weakest character on the show. ditch her!

32 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

Ziva, I want you back, I quit watching even though I still like Gibbs and Illiad but the rest I haven't watched maybe a couple of times. Even New Orleans NCIS is not nearly as good. If I can get it I will watch NCIS LA. Thanks Ziva you always made my day.