I've been under the assumption that Caliban/Clare was much stronger than the average person, and was surprised when he didn't bust out of that cell in a fit of rage. I'm gleefully waiting for the Putneys to suffer a horrible fate at the hands of Mr. Clare. Somehow it would be fitting that they wind up as waxed-over models in their own museum (doesn't this typically happen to most sinister wax museum owners?). So...there's still so much to explore over the next several seasons, like the invisible man, Dr.Jekyl/Mr. Hyde, the mummy, good ol' Vlad (of course), dopplegangers...

@ Calvin Lehr

I must say had my doubts when I first started watching the show but now totally love it, even with it's little shortcomings (no show is free of them). Just upset that the season felt like it just started and now there's only one episode left! Btw, I also agree that Caliban should be able to bust out of that cage...I mean didn't he rip Proteus in half with his bare hands? Running around snapping people's necks with one hand?...

Criminal Minds Season 11: Aisha Tyler to Recur!

Just so long as no one uses the phrase "danger zone", I can get behind this.

Sarah silva

Ever since episode 2 of the season I have said that Sara is Charles! Let's see if that turns out to be right.
I hope that Hanna and Caleb do not stay apart for long.
I am an Ezira fan and hope they are end game!
Spencer on pot may be amusing.

Sarah silva

Yes things got complicated!!
This show has promise to be really great!
I am hooked!

Sarah silva

Bravo here in Canada cut off the second episode so I had to pay to download it!
I have not watched Jason in a show before and man was I missing out! He is hot LOL and not to mention a great actor.
The gang members have to realize that he has to still do his day job so that no one gets suspicious!
I am sure that Sam had an affair.

Sarah silva

The guy who plays Manson is so good.
It is funny to me that we are supposed to believe that David Duchovny and Michaela MacManus are the same age! :)

Power Season 2 Episode 4 Review: You're the Only Person I Can Trust

I think that Tasha should put her feelings aside right now and discuss them with Ghost at home or out away from their children and be his strength right now. They have both made mistakes in the relationship . But no bond is stronger than a man and woman's with a family to protect from all of this heat coming their way. Tasha is the only person Ghost will ever be able to trust. He's going to do life in prison fooling around with the side piece skank Angela. Angela had better be glad that Tasha doesn't know that she's 5-0 or she'd smoke her like a pack of Kools. I am rooting for Ghost and Tasha to make it through this difficult ordeal and show what a real Black power-house of a couple looks like with the empire they've built and a legacy for their children to have a successful life.

NBC Cuts Ties with Donald Trump

I will not watch NBC again.....It is Trumps Constitutional right to run for president without these recriminations.

@ Shirley Nanos

Sure it is! Just as it is NBC's right to cut ties with him if they feel his opinions don't reflect their own. We are all free to be as bigoted as we'd like to be, but we're not free to be exempt from the consequences of our actions. I applaud NBC for their actions in this regard. Nice to see a major corporation exhibiting some decency.

@ Douglas Wolfe

Nice response, Doug! People like Shirley remind me of the people who are outraged over the Supreme Courts' decision on same sex marriage so they're going to move to Canada...

@ Alihan

Oh, if only they WOULD move to Canada! Not that I wish them on the Canadians, but we just don't need all that hate....


Like these characters.

Douglas henning

It's a shame that this show may be lost in the typical hectic Sunday schedule... I have grown to love this show and even got the haunting theme music as a ringtone..

@ Douglas Henning

I agree this show has been quite the surprise, after Mad Men I wanted to check out more AMC and I caught up with this on Netflix, now season 2 has been damn good as well, hopefully AMC lets this continue to grow.