Fargo Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Did you do this? No, you did it!

The reviewer is ignoring the rules of TV dramas. If you don't witness the death, you can't conclusively say the person is indeed dead. Simone is probably dead, but since this is a series based on a Coen Bros. movie, there is a scene in the woods during Miller's Crossing where someone chose not to shoot the person. Moreover, we heard no shot nor did we see any visible blood on Bear when he walked back to the car.


Most other people have nailed it on the Caskett relationship.
Can I just say if they love each other then why has Castle not told Beckett of the reason for his two divorces and thus the reason for his behaviour post Gina.
Why has Beckett not told Castle about how his books helped her through her mother's murder. She tells Sorensen but not Castle??? By the way you do not have sex until a problem is actually solved
Make-up sex is just that. You are making up after a bad problem.Sex involves not just the physical but intellectual and emotional. If only Caskett ( and the writers were mature adults). Pi Business. Has cost him a fortune Probably has a minimum very costly lease for Manhattan CBD property plus not one but two very costly fit-outs which would very easily run into six figures.
He writes one book and would possibly get a $1b in royalties and it is fun.
No choice really. Martha is and always was an airhead a very selfish self centered one at that. Of course she would treat Beckett with kid gloves. Hayley has tech skills like that. No way Jose'. Do the writers forget what she did originally? Where did she gain those skills from. A Captain does NOT go to investigate murders. She does NOT go to the morgue. She is a Captain not a detective. Indeed if she was a decent Captain she would have filled the vacancy in homicide already. Why hasn't Espo and Ryan complained? Why are they wearing such shocking Jackets? Can we stop having Castlke actl ike a little immature kid and as a grown up. How can we take Beckett and Vikram investigating to find Mr big seriously.
Beckett was an A/G agent for 5 minutes and Vikram even less in I/T. Bring in Jackson Hunt. He finds him and kills him.

Amy jackey

Long as it's good as the movies.


A three-hankie episode, for sure. *sniff*


The lovingly-sarcastic banter is the best part of Major Crimes. Each character brings his or her own complex personality to the mix. As for the ER doc you called Dr. Obnoxious, I thought she added a bit of salt to a storyline that could easily have dipped into the too-sweet category. Good to see someone who was clearly competent and would do right by Flynn but who stayed out of the department's business. All in all a great show. I take hope from the previews that concentrate on the next case that there is a happy resolution to Andy's surgery.

Castle Season 8 Episode 8 Review: Mr. & Mrs. Castle

Christine, great review and I agree with most of your points because I liked this ep for the most part but like you it left me unsatisfied. Here is my theory on what happened. I believe ep 8 was edited during the 3 week break between ep 6 and 7 to possibly do some damage control and to stop the ratings from tanking even more before winter break. The show runners had no intention of reuniting Caskett before the break originally that is why Castle accepted so readily to take her back at the end of the ep, there was no ep 9 before winter break to let him tell her at the end of ep8 that he had to think about taking her back and giving his decision in ep 8. If ep 8 had really been planned as it played last night, I believe the writers may have used one of the useless ep 3 to ep 6 to plan for Castle finding out what kate was up to in ep7 and using ep8 as castle's " I thought about it and yes I want you back " episode. To me this would have had a much more dramatic and believable effect on the show.

Grimm Round Table: The Fortress of Grimmitude

I also thought that whole thing with Renard came out of the blue. The only thought I was left with was maybe we are returning to whatever Sean's plans were in Season 1, which makes sense given the show is going to return to the keys. It just might be odd now because, at most, we will all just kind of look askance at it and not that he's the bad guy or anything. I also have no idea how Trubel found Nick, though I started to think, the location might not be secret, the fortress just might be impenetrable (its my concern with the sealed door, not that it has anything hidden, but that we made such a point that Nick couldn't open it that I guess when he finally has time to explore again, its open). I have doubt they actually turned Trubel against Nick (I would have serious doubt that would work and I trust Trubel enough to know she'd play along) but I fear a tracker has been placed on her somehow.

Amy conner

It was a great episode, but Megan's death was certainly a downer. I kept holding out hope that she would go into remission and live awhile longer. It would be nice if some good could come from this and not be for nothing. Although it will be nice to get Sly back with the team and out of the hospital. I hope it's not another 15 years before Walter sees his parents again.


OK, old thread but...why not post images of the BOTD online and see if someone could crack the code? And/or use the images themselves and keep the original locked up? Should have been online somewhere if it was in a museum before. Same with taking it to Rowena. Lazy storyline written with a Baby Boomer/early Gen X mentality trying too hard to be hipster.


I found this ep to be the most amazing one yet. (And I don't use that term lightly). So much so that I re-watched it from the start, just to get the highlights again. The beginning sequences, with all of those executions set to the music of "Locomotive Breath" was compelling, to say the least. And the buildup around The Undertaker was pure Coen Brothers classic formula. First, we hear about him as the big boss threatens to bring him in to the picture (and take Milligan out). Then, he shows up with his henchmen, all of whom check their ties. Heck, The Undertaker doesn't even punch the elevator button; he looks behind him and then one of his underlings reaches forward to do it for him! This is a man of presence and power, not to be fooled with! Then Milligan comes in and blindly murders him. Pure Coen magic. As for Simone, there were a couple of things that came to mind from the start of the ep. First off, she has a mouth on her that won't quit. Not a problem in itself, but when you put that dynamic in front of blood-thirsty guys like Milligan, well, it's just not a great idea to keep talking. Yet talk she does. When I saw her with Milligan I thought to myself "okay this girl is going to die before the season end." I had no idea it would happen so quickly. When she was on her way to her doom in the truck with Bear, she kept trying to fill the silence, which just increased the tension (given Bear's ignoring of her). She did reveal one really troubling thing: she said that Bear isn't aware of some of the things her dad did to her when he (Bear) wasn't around. Just as we were getting to appreciate Dodd's loathsomeness, this comment added a few levels to it. The man clearly needs to be terminated. Next ep will probably feature much more now of him, Peggy and Ed. And Milligan of course. To say I loved this episode would be putting it mildly.