How hard would have it been for Phil to text Hayley or Andy (i'm sure he has his number) about the revelation he just had. Seems like a something pretty simple to me.


Lauren has and always will be very important to Bo. Not quite sure how you came up with Lauren being from Hell from that dream Bo had. I see Bo having the dream about her as meaning that she wants to get back with her more than she ever has.
I myself am getting a little tired of them having Tamsin so prominant in every episode. But to each their own. Even though she's human, I'm hoping they have Dyson and Alycia hook up. It would be interesting to see him try to navigate a relationship with a human.


I'd be excited to tell stories too if I made what Ellen makes per episode. I wouldn't care if it was an instructional video on things one can do with the cardboard cylinders inside toilet paper...I'd be excited. GA's slide into a money grab is steeper than ever.

Shonda Rhimes Addresses Grey's Anatomy Critics: What Did She Say?

Patrick wanted to leave the series. Rhonda accommodated him. If anyone thinks s/he could have written a better exit, then write it and send it to Shonda. She may tap into your talent

Dancing With the Stars Results: And the Winner Is...

They got it right this time. Rumer and Val showed us variety in their routines. Rumer's technic, passion. She made her dancing seem effortless although we knew the effort it took.


I didn't find Sansa's wedding night shocking at all....it portray a realistic depiction of where we are in history. I found it worse that Reek was made too watch...but that also makes sense from a historical point of view because the wedding night has a bedding ceremony...doesn't make it any less creepy though. Sansa really lucked out with Tyrone, he didn't force her at all. There is no kindness in Ramsey, he is a deeply twisted individual. I think the writers have a different end game for Sansa (I know that at this point in the books she is still in The Veil and we barley see her) then perhaps what will happen in the books. As far as I see it they are putting Sansa through a lot of emotional story lines so she will grow as a character. They are preparing her for a big end-game I think, perhaps a Queen of the North type of thing. If Sansa were a male character would we be saying that he was always victimized? I think there is going to be way more to her story. I think Sansa will try to get Reek on her side and he will help her. This is just a step to her becoming a stronger character. She's become smart, she can see how Ramsey is, she knew if she didn't do what he wanted something worse would happen. She has to be smart and sneaky. Sansa has to play her role right, she knows this and she can do all of that but she can't be rash. She has learned from her mistakes in Kings Landing and won't make them again, exspecolly because what is at stake is her life and her home.

Arrow Round Table: Happily Ever After?!?

Felicity has become the character that ate the show. ETA I'm also in the camp that feels Sara was killed to make room for Olicity as much as for Laurel Canary.


Erin is an idiot. Hank bent over backwards to help her, and Jay was also extremely supportive. I have never been a huge fan of Sophia Bush, and I wish that her didn't get so much screen time. I love Hank, and enjoy him being so badass. Jay, Adam, and Trudy are also favourites of mine.

Arrow Season 3: Best Episode, Worst Plot Device and More!

I think you've covered off most what I liked and disliked about Arrow Season 3. After all the hype it failed big time, and when compared against The Flash, again disappointing. I hope the Arrow showrunners and writers take the hiatus to work hard on delivering a better Season 4 as I fear many viewers won't be back. And yes 313 Canaries was the best episode, I just watched it again and it had all the right beats. Shame the Black Canary got sidelined for much of the back half of the season. I think Thea just beat Laurel out for best character development, as her story was consistently told throughout the season, why Laurel's got pushed out for the Bad Romance. Best kick ass team up, Laurel and Nyssa, wished we had seen more of this. When you look at the screentime given to characters and where things went wrong, it really wasn't time well spent. (Note, I didn't compile these figures). SEASON TOTALS
Oliver: 8hours, 23mins, 24secs
Laurel: 3hours, 9mins, 1secs
Diggle: 3hours, 37mins, 53secs
Thea: 2hours, 19mins, 8secs
Felicity: 4hours, 37mins, 15secs
Roy: 2hours, 37mins, 54secs
Malcolm: 1hour, 36mins, 44secs
Quentin: 59mins, 46secs I give the season 5.5 out of 10, it was extremely average. A shame the writing let the cast down, as they all work so hard.

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Romance Laurel and Nyssa ewww, Nyssa belongs to Sara they don't have to share everything


Alicia needs to get a divorce... Go to nursing school... Get a job in an ER... Hook up with a nice doctor... :p