Chicago Fire Round Table: Another Departure

I have a feeling Nadia is the one that dies in this weeks crossover


Yes, more Felix! The show just lights up when he has screen time.

@ Yinzer Lynn

Did anyone else notice that he has obviously been working out?

Daredevil Season 1 Episode 13 Review: Daredevil

Did anyone else notice the garbage bags in the last shot of Matt and Karen? Black with red handles shaped like DD?
or is it just my wishful thinking?

Daredevil Review: Death Comes to Hell's Kitchen

This was the one episode that I really connect with as much - I found it confusing (what did Matt see that made him break down in front of Karen like that?) and stereotypical (nighmare scene of fisk - yawn).
I loved the parkar on the rooftops - we usually only see this kind of stuff in the dark so it was nice to actually SEE it!
Poor Ben, and his poor wife!

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 3 Review: High Sparrow

This show is turning more and more into bad fanfic with every episode. It makes no sense anymore. Why bother spending 4 seasons relatively close to the books if you're just gonna go fly off the rails because you can't do decent story pacing and want to cram 4 books into 3 seasons. This is stupid. if you missed You Can watch Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 3 here

@ Rajesh Jhamb

I disagree, I think books 4 and 5 needed to be covered in a single season, since they both take place at the same time, and being honest these books are pretty slow and don`t get to advance the story much, the inclusion of so many new characters wouldn`t have worked in a TV show format either. I think the liberties the directors are taking are great and work perfectly for the show.


It's the same old crap. Nene should leave and go on her successful way. The rest of the idiots can be ridiculous enough without her. Claudia is turning out to be quite the B. She and Kenya would make a good feud. When are we going to see the tv show? How embarrassing.


Sorry, I have to say Abby, Jess is far too obvious. Then again, Christy is high on the list. Won't really know until Sunday. I just hope it isn't someone from way out in left field.


Found this weeks episode a bit boring.. Definitely don't like Sansa's new storyline... Ramsey is evil! Let's see if she finally starts to get herself together.

33 Shocking TV Deaths We'll Never Get Over

As I recollect, Kate Todd's death on NCIS was a bit of a shock for viewers, too.

Noisy from norway

I don't get it. Where is Alicia heading now? After the weakest season of this show I honestly don't see it going anywhere. And we lost the most interessting character too. Well, she was the best character until she and Alicia fell out.Then she has been written poorley and portrayed as a completly selfish person until now.

@ Hege Halvorsen Ålgårdstad

Further elaborate on why you think Alicia has been portrayed as selfish...........

Noisy from norway
@ Terrie

Kalinda has been written as selfish. Not Alicia. By selfish I mean she sleeps around to get what she wants and not caring for others until now, sacrifacing herself for Cary. Heck, she even sleeps around for fun.