What a show ! What a beautiful episode !! I absolutely cried my eyes out lol.
I was mad at Gellis and at Claire. I knew Claire would survive. Gellis, I wasn't too sure, and the reason for that was she'd been accused of witchcraft longer whereas Claire's stories could be turned around. The witnesses that talked about her could be discredited easily.
What I didn't see coming was Gellis being from the future ! MY MIND WAS BLOWN AWAY ! True when she was disappointed for coming by accident and not to change things, I thought she'd always suspected Claire wasn't from that time. She always tried to make Claire admit but she never did. When she said the f word, it didn't click ! I had to rewatch to realize. OMG, she came from 1968 ?! I think she had a purpose, maybe for the Jacobites to win this time around... That was heartbreaking as both tried to save the other... Ned helping them was so awesome. He had me crackin up a few times. And what's more heroic is that he did it without Colum's approval ! I so cried when Gellis "confessed" and when she showed the "devil' s mark" it all clicked. And finally Claire realized they were both from another time. I suspect that being from 1968 compared to Claire's 1945, Gellis had way more knowledge than Claire about things. And she may have been from Scotland originally as well.
I was not too happy about Jamie showing up at first as I hoped this would make Claire FINALLY understand. But him showing was soooo cool, like wow, the man IS the man lol.
She told him everything and poor him realizing that he beat her up for trying to go back to her own time was sad. But that wasn't the only reason. And boy that love scene was steamy ! Phew !
Once again I cried when he left her by the stones. The feels were too much for me. I couldn't ! You could tell she wasn't ready/didn't want to. But she tried anyway.
Though she made the choice to saty with him, when she goes back to her time, she won't have a choice I suspect. I still haven't read the books (very annoyed about that lol), but she will go back. Frank and her tried to reconnect but it honestly didn't work. So when she goes back, what will happen ? Next week ! She'll finally meet Jamie's sister ! I remember the preview for that episode when the show came back ! I cannot wait !

@ Emy

Ditto! I read the first two books, what, 20 years ago or whatever when they were first releases so I have only the most limited recollection of them. I just remember wanting to be Claire to find my Jamie. By this time I'd need to find a Dougal, but that would do. Lol Even knowing what was coming, I was blown away by the emotions they can draw out in their portrayals and the way this is brought to life. It's simply amazing. When Jamie realized why he beat her, because she wanted to get home, I gasped out loud and when he took her to the stones, I sobbed. How could you not? I remember the day he was cast and I wrote an article on the casting. My sister was underwhelmed, disappointed even. Oh is she wasting her words now! I'm really glad you're on TVF Emy. You're a great addition to the comment section. So glad to have you!

@ Carissa Pavlica

Awwww !!! Thanks for that Carissa ! Terri and now you ! I love this site. You know, I've been on it for sometime, then stopped commenting for a while, and came back. I'll never leave hahaha !!! I watch waaay too many tv shows anyways ! And with me, a tv fanatic, it all makes sens lol. I had to cry in this episode ! Impossible not too. Gellis...just thinking about it makes me teary eyed!
Jamie's reactions though. It was even worse because he didn't know. And knowing the truth, he tried to make her go back. Jamie love x10000000 ! LOOL. I'd say bye-bye Frank too. Those books are old ! I was way too young to be reading those. Heck, by 9-10 I was reading Danielle Steele, courtesy of mom's collection lol. Aww, you wanted your Jamie, how cute lol. I understand why ! Hahaha.


Seeing Eric Bogosian made me miss Law and Order CI all over again. But it made it easy to pick the villain.
An interesting move to make Hannah so manipulative. I believe we will see her again soon.
One of the things that stops Sherlock's character from being unbearable is his delivery of witty lines that are witty because they are generally true observations which expose some ridiculous yet accepted side of human behaviour. So clever.
I really enjoy this show. I hope it is renewed.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Episode 17 Review: Melinda

i loved the episode .... ya it was late but still it had to be synced with Skyes Mother's arrival


Yup, Luke was actually the Cool Dude on the show this week! Avery too to an extent that he can be as frustrated as he is with things. Layla was great, loved the song, Jeff tries but is it enough? Juliette? Can we PLEEAASSEEE see some happiness and a lull in the drama for her, at least until the kid is 3 mo old? She was acting out as her worst enemy again, and I thought we had seen the last of that, HA, oh well. Will is such a talent, the song that he and Keven sang was top notch, hope to see more, but get the heck outta the closet already. I am NOT a fan of the gay kissing, but I am a fan of the cast and the music. Rayna and Maddie, Maddie needs to be seriously grounded for a couple of weeks or two dates with Colt at the very least! What a brat scene she made, but she IS a teen so to be expected. Teddy, OMG, did sorta-kinds see that something was coming in that type of situation, did not see it being the hooker though with a wire. Teddy has been a dead weight on the show for months now, when his marriage ended in death, it should have been an indication that he was not long for the series. Deacon, still hoping the sis comes back but it will probably be Maddie although I can see Teddy pitching a fit about that unless he is dead or behind bars, that is. I LOVE Scarlett with the Doc, please do not mess with that, Gunnar : Move ON! We need another hottie (or maybe a girl next door intsead) writing partner for him please. Christina, OK and passable job, but ANY young female COUNTRY artist could have filled the bill too, there are kind of a lot of them in Nashville ya know - writers!

NCIS Season 12 Episode 21 Review: Lost in Translation

Who is the actor that plays the Colonel in Afghanistan?


I know, I know, exactly FOUR years later! Potentially binge-watching Season 1 to re-familiarize a friend with Season 5. Even now, it's breathtaking. Amazing how young the characters looked just four years ago, particularly Tyrion...

Vikings Season 3 Episode 9 Review: Breaking Point

Points to understand/remember about Ragner: He is supremely intelligent and his motivations transcend that of the rank and file Viking. He was not particularly religious and not superstitious He doesn't attribute his rise to power to Odin, but to his response to circumstances. He takes the long view. He understands that his curious longings and motivations are in sync with where history is compelled to go. He told Athenstat that he didn't know yet why he didn't kill him at first encounter---.yet he knew intuitively that this Monk would be important to him on many levels. He told Athenstat that he WILL take Paris. Ragner's near death experience showed Athenstat in the light, Odin in the dark. This along with Folki's folly and motivations (which he knew in advance would be a disaster ) confirmed to Ragner the growing certainty that the flow of history is with Christ over Odin, as Athenstat's friendship was superior to his Viking relationships. So faced with his mortality he chooses heaven. Who knows, Ragner, looked healthy again when he raised up from his baptism, maybe he was healed. And always working things on many levels, a Christian burial inside the wall would be very helpful and timely as well.


I cannot stand Cornell no matter how this plays out. Christy is an odd duck and I am not sure why she even stayed in the marriage at all. For some odd reason at first I thought it was the young daughter then I went to Dave as he is an screw ball for sure. Now I am back on the young one again as she just seems fixated on her Dad and them being a family. Just a gut thing which I might add is not always reliable LOL


Done with Once Upon a Time. Love Regina and sometimes Gold/Rumple, but one character does not make a show... There are a few times that I like Emma, but it's only when she's interacting with Regina anyways...


For me Walter while a genius is missing those pieces that allow him to react to things as most would so when he does react say as I would it does not really annoy me/if he did I might wonder. I figured something would happen to cause Paige to go just as the end gave her a kind of perhaps plausible reason to not. I wonder though if that also might have us hanging to next season kind of will she or won't she.
I hope Sylvester continues to make progress as I am beginning to like him and for a minute I was not sure if I could. Yeah I know that they have me suspend an awful lot of reality but so do other shows and I can live with that.