Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 7 Review: Greensleeves

I'm a little confused... didn't the last episode end with Nero telling Gemma that the club had found Juice and then she started freaking out, crying and clinging to him? Didn't he wonder why she was freaking out like that? Did that just go away, or did I miss something? I found the whole thing with Gemma and the cabin to be a little over-dramatic. It was almost like a sitcom where there's a misunderstanding then hijinx ensue. I hope Unser puts it all together but still makes it out alive.

@ Diana

He thought that she would merely freak out because she was protecting a rat (which he knew) - something which would also not sit well with Jax.

Joda solomon
Castle Season 7 Episode 4 Review: Child's Play

I thot Rick and Kate's relationship was supposed to have get "deeper," instead it seems they are both backing away. And Rick's disappearance, amnesia and mysterious past have gone on too long, I'm losing interest.


I want to see more of Japril, April's pregnancy has *got* to be changing her personality in interesting ways!


Henry missed an important way of tracking down Adam. When he found the burner phone he just picked it up instead of preserving any finger prints on it's case or the buttons. While I may have a problem coming up with a plausible way for him to run the prints, the failure to attempt to do so is a plot hole. There was also a plot hole about the foot print found in the park. Unless the son wears the same size shoe as his father that is a missed clue that he is not the murderer.

Supernatural Season 10 Episode 3 Review: Soul Survivor

The demon story for Dean is not over. I don't get why there is such a misperception about that. Every interview with everyone involved with the show has stated that pretty clearly. There is a small reprieve at the moment but the MOC, the Blade, the evil inside Dean and Cain (and evidently Able) are all going to play a huge part of the rest of the season. Sam is going to have to figure out how to save Dean from all of that. Stay tuned more to come.


A brilliant episode..this show has got better each episode and I truly hope it does not get cancelled. From a fan from the UK.

@ Yasmin Arshad

I'm also from UK :)

Sarah silva

Another great episode full of action, humor and some serious moments.
I really like how they start and end each episode, we have Barry Allen talking and seeing the flash running around. Then the very end we get small tidbits of Harrison.
I also like that each episode we get two nice father/son conversations between Barry and Joe and Barry and Henry.
I do think that Henry knew it was Barry.
I love that Joe new that Iris was seeing Eddie. That scene at the hospital was great! It was funny how last week most of us were wondering how Joe did not know and we find out he did all along.
The Mist was one creepy fella!
I can not wait for Wentworth Miller next week. I miss Michael Scofiled and will love seeing Wentworth back on tv, eventhough he will be playing a bad guy.
I too caught the Fire and Ice comment and I am sure that we will see that develop in the future. I kind of have a feeling Caitlin knows already.
Interesting thoughts on Harrison. :)

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The Flash Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Things You Can't Outrun

next episode will be supeerrrbbb! can't wait! but how they handled the mist was kinda meh... and who the hell is that wells guy!!!

Sarah silva

WOW, I am surprised that the Flash continues to drop that much.


I wonder, too, if the EPs (exec producers) had no clue Demon Dean would be so well-received. They should have--Jensen Ackles is an incredible actor, and they should have trusted him to conjure up an awesome version of Dean--but what if this reception took them by surprise? My understanding is that they are now filming 10 x 11, so there is still time for them to revisit Demon Dean, if that wasn't already planned for. They've proven receptive to fan input. My own take, based on interviews, was the feeling that fans would demand the brothers be back together again in harmony, working cases, ASAP after S9. That perhaps it wasn't grasped how much this game-changer would shake up the fandom. Because the vast majority of viewers really *like* Demon Dean. He needs to be redeemed--that's the whole point of screwing up one of the heroes--but maybe they didn't realize how strongly people would react. Regardless, they put out very strong suggestions that there will be serious repercussions from what's happened, so this arc is *not* over.

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