"Something Salted and Twisted"

Charlie tries to help Alan get over his obsession of trying to get the approval from the women in his life.

"The Fat Guy Strangler"

When Lois discovers she has a brother, Patrick, living at a mental institution, she gets him out and moves him in with the family.

"Much Too Much"

Meredith stares at the ceiling in abject terror after her latest one-night stand, Steve shows up at Seattle Grace with priapism. Or, in ...

"That's Good, That's Bad"

Susan starts a relationship with her father, Addison; Carlos receives ealy parole with help from Sister Mary Bernard; Lynette is promoted after Nina is fired; The police reveal that George is responsible for Rex's death.

"E-Mail Surveillance"

Michael spies on employees by reading their e-mails, which angers the entire staff. He learns that he wasn't invited to Jim's barbecue, ...

"Madame and Her Special Friend"

One of Charlie's elderly neighbor tries to seduce Alan. Charlie tries to stop Jake from donating to a televangelist.

"Belly Full of Turkey"

For Thanksgiving, Lily visits Marhsall's giant family while she fears she's pregnant. Robin and Ted spend Thanksgiving volunteering at a soup kitchen and are shocked to see Barney working there.

"The Courtship of Stewie's Father"

Lois thinks Stewie is trying to kill her due to lack of time with his father, so she makes Peter spend more time with Stewie. Meanwhile, Chris befriends Herbert.

"Thanks for the Memories"

Liquor. Lots and lots of liquor. That's what Cristina says she needs to get through Thanksgiving, a time of sharing, togetherness and l...

"The Sun Won't Set"

Gaby suffers a miscarriage after her fall down the stairs; Susan's mother admits her father is a local businessman, not a war veteran; Bree breaks up with the possessive George.