"My Heart Belongs to Daddy"

Susan reconnects with Mike and helps him search for Zach, and when she finds him, sends him off to Utah; Gaby hires a successful, handsome lawyer, David Bradley, to get Carlos out of jail.

"From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea"

Brooke has a end of the summer party on the beach; Nathan is home from basketball camp; Lucas deals with Brooke's rules for dating; Peyto...

"The Fire"

When a fire causes the Dunder Mifflin staff to evacuate into the parking lot, they play games to pass the time. Dwight becomes jealous w...

"Your Dismissive Attitude Toward Boobs"

Berta temporarily moves in with Charlie and Alan, causing a distressed Alan to find his own apartment.

"Return of the Shirt"

Ted tries to rekindle a past relationship but quickly discovers why it didn't work the first time.

"Make Me Lose Control"

Early on, we get the impression that this will not be a typical day at Seattle Grace. Meredith's mother, Dr. Ellis Grey, is rushed to t...

"You'll Never Get Away from Me"

Bree takes a polygraph test to clear her name and urges George, her suspected accomplice, to take one; Susan is jealous to learn Edie and Julie are entering the talent show; Betty deals with Caleb's near-escape.

"Like You Like An Arsonist"

In the third season premiere of One Tree Hill, we finally discover Dan's fate after the fire. Besides the situation with his father, Nat...

"Office Olympics"

Michael spends the day out of the office to close the deal on his new condo, but gets a case of cold feet. With Michael and Dwight away,...


The new attorney plans George Sr.'s defense as he tries to escape; Michael tries to hide his family from Rita; Gob shows off his "Forget-Me-Now" pills.