First Day in Prison - Suits
"To Trouble"

On Suits Season 6 Episode 1, Mike enters the prison system while Jessica, Harvey, Louis, Donna and Rachel attempt to figure out how to save the firm.

An Escape - Containment
"Yes Is the Only Living Thing"

On Containment Season 1 Episode 12, Jake figures out his options for breaking out of the cordon while Suzy, Sam, and Jana pull funds for their escape.

A Test of Loyalty - Queen of the South
"Estrategia De Entrada"

On Queen of the South Season 1 Episode 3, Camila makes move to wrest control of the cartel away from Epifanio while testing Teresa's loyalty with a big job.

A Life Altering Decision - Royal Pains

On Royal Pains Seaosn 8 Episode 8, the series finale, Hank considers a serious life change, Evan and Paige ponder a life altering decision while Divya gets big news.

A Case Unravels - Containment
"Nothing Gold Can Stay"

On Containment Season 1 Episode 11, when a failed plan threatens to unravel their entire case, Leo and Lex argue over what should be their next move.

The Ultimate Bromance - Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 2
"Barney Rubble Eyes"

The campers arrive to Camp Stillwater and one of the kids that Alex and Blotter are in charge of wanders off, leaving one of them out in the cold.

Investigating in a Small Town - Houdini & Doyle
"The Pall of LaPier"

On Houdini & Doyle Season 1 Episode 10, the team investigates when a minister in a small town wakes to find everyone dead but no sign of violence on the season finale.

April Learns the Truth - Mistresses
"Lean In"

On Mistresses Season 4 Episode 5, Joss has trouble with her new job and her PTSD while April runs into trouble with Michael at work, and Karen speaks up.

Dutch Undercover - Killjoys
"Dutch and the Real Girl"

Dutch and Johnny failed to rescue D'avin, but the duo makes their way to Eulogy on a mission that may just reunite the team on Killjoys Season 2 Episode 1.

Getting Real - Braxton Family Values
"Toni Got A Ditty!"

On Braxton Family Values Season 5 Episode 7, Towanda had a secret doctors appointment, but did the outcome make her contact the last person she thought she would?