Originals Quartet

The Originals Season 2 picks up some time after Klaus was forced to give his baby away to his sister.

TVD Gang
"I'll Remember"

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 picks up many months after Bonnie and Damon supposedly died to conclude Season 5.

Finding Castle's Car

Beckett faces the toughest case of her life when Rick vanishes after a fiery car crash on the Castle season 7 premiere.

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Banner
"A Tale of Two Sisters"

Ready to meet Elsa and Anna? These Frozen characters are introduced on the Once Upon a Time premiere.

Season 4 Premiere - Person of Interest
"Panopticon "

Season 4 of Person of Interest premieres Tuesday, September 23rd on CBS.

Liz Looks Over Papers  - The Blacklist
"Lord Baltimore"

Raymond "Red" Reddington and Liz are working together in the season 2 premiere.

Chibbs Promo Pic - Sons of Anarchy
"Toil and Till"

SAMCRO asks for the help from another Charter to get a messy job done on this Sons of Anarchy episode.

Jax Teller Promo Pic
"Black Widower"

We pick up 10 days after Tara's gruesome death on the Season 7 premiere of Sons of Anarchy.

Roy's New Strategy
"Damage Control"

Roy tries to get Terry to testify against Lee Anne to get her case against the city thrown out of court on Reckless.

A Rock Star's Drug - Rush
"Because I Got High"

Alex gets a taste of Rush's lifestyle and a rock star client introduces Rush to a new hallucinongen.

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