Delivering the Cure - The Last Ship
"A More Perfect Union"

On The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 13, the Nathan James puts a call out to civilians to meet at pre-selected ports across the country to distribute the cure.

Stuck In the Middle - The Last Ship
"Cry Havoc"

On The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 12, the Nathan James is in serious trouble when it ends up caught between a civilian blockade and the submarine

Closing In - Murder in the First
"Number Thirty Nine"

On Murder in the First Season 2 Episode 12, Terry and Hildy race to close in on a murder suspect, while Fatty B lobbies for a new direction on the season finale.

Convincing America - The Last Ship

On The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 11, Chandler looks to regain the trust of the American people when a message links the Navy to a devastating disaster.

Possible Betrayal - Under the Dome

On Under the Dome Season 3 Episode 10, Big Jim and Julia join Hektor in the resistance against Christine but worry that he will betray them.

A Devastating Choice - Proof
"Tsunami: Part Two"

On Proof Season 1 Episode 10, Carolyn's proof investigations, personal life and professional life all come to a head leading her to make a devasting choice.

An Infestation - Zoo
"The Cheese Stands Alone"

On Zoo Season 1 Episode 8, the team must figure out how to deal with a rat infestation when a cargo ship overrun with the rodents turns up in Massechusetts.

Family Time - Murder in the First

On Murder in the First Season 2 Episode 11, Suger faces an unexpected threat while Terry and Hildy take a high-ranking officer into custody.

A New Cure - The Last Ship
"Friendly Fire"

On The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 10, Alisha decodes a message found on a recovered cell phone while Rachel works on a new, more efficient version of the cure.

Behind Bars - Mistresses
"What Could Have Happened"

On Mistresses Season 3 Episode 10, while in jail, Joss considers what her life might have been like if she'd chosen Scott over Harry and Karen makes a decision.