An Unexpected Visit - Mistresses
"Mistaken Identity"

On Mistresses Season 4 Episode 2, Joss struggles to celebrate her engagement with Harry's sister's unexpected visit exposes some of their problems.

A House - Outcast
"A Darkness Surrounds Him"

Outcast Season 1 Episode 1 is the first hour in the new Cinemax horror series starring Patrick Fugit and Philip Glenister. It airs on Friday nights.

Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 2
"Blood Harvest"

On Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 2, Theo tries to leverage his power as the only surgeon in Wayward Pines to get answers about the status of his wife.

Returning to Lakewood - Scream
"I Know What You Did Last Summer"

On Scream Season 2 Episode 1, Emma is haunted by a recurring dream when she moves back to Lakewood and attempts to move forward with her life.

The Voice - Person of Interest
"Sotto Voce"

On Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 9, Reese and Fusco are trapped in the precinct with the latest POI by the criminal mastermind known as "The Voice."

Jones' Sexy Time - 12 Monkeys

Cassie's hallucinations prove more dangerous than they seemed on 12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 7. Meanwhile, the time machine begins malfunctioning and Cole comes face to face with the Witness.

Debunking the Medium - Houdini & Doyle
"The Curse of the Korzha"

On Houdini & Doyle Season 1 Episode 5, Houdini is baffled when he can't debunk a medium who claims to use her psychic gifts to solve crimes.

Joss Smiling? - Mistresses
"The New Girls"

On Mistresses Season 4 Episode 1, a year passes between the time Joss is held hostage to Wilson's trial, where Joss so desperately wants a fresh start.

Jaime Ready for Battle - Game of Thrones
"Blood of my Blood"

On Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6, the Tyrell army shows up in King's Landing with the task of getting Margaery away from the High Sparrow, but did they succeed?

Surviving the Desert - Penny Dreadful
"This World Is Our Hell"

On Penny Dreadful Season 3 Episode 5, Hecate and Ethan must struggle in order to try and survive in the harsh desert wasteland.