"How the "A" Stole Christmas"

This year Pretty Little Liars will treat fans to a Pretty Little Liars Christmas Special complete with gifts, carolling and a fancy dress party!

Phil Simms Guest Stars - Elementary
"Just a Regular Irregular"

NFL Today host Phil Simms guest stars on the Elementary season 3 premiere.

Brian's New Career - Family Guy
"Brian the Closer"

On Family Guy, when Brian has cosmetic surgery, it leads him down a new career path.

Car Trouble? - The Vampire Diaries
"The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get"

Alaric asks Elena to look into Jo on this episode of The Vampire Diaries. Meanwhile, Caroline is all about rescuing Enzo from the grasp of Tripp.

Nona Dobrev as Tatia - The Originals
"Red Door"

Nina Dobrev crosses over and makes an appearance on The Originals Season 2 Episode 2. She plays the intriguing character of Tatia. Read on for more.

Jane and Michael - Jane the Virgin
"Chapter Four"

On Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 4, Jane starts to feel guilty about her feeling for Rafael. Elsewhere, Rogelio pushes Xo to let him be a part of his daughter's wedding.

The Slasher Killings - Hawaii Five-0
"Ho'omā'ike (Unmasked)"

Five-0 investigates when a series of murders appears to be taken straight from a cult slasher film on Halloween on Hawaii Five-0.

Crosby and Jasmine - Parenthood
"Too Big Too Fail"

On Parenthood season 6 episode 6, with business down at the Luncheonette, Crosby gets help from Jasmine while Hank and Sarah plan a game night.

The Halloween Party - A to Z
"E is for Ectoplasm"

On A to Z season 1 episode 5, when Andrew and Zelda decide to ditch their own Halloween traditions to throw a joint party, their friends are not happy.

Girlfriends - Reign
"Blood for Blood"

On Reign, Mary and Lola look like they are getting along fine. Find out more when the episode airs on Thursday, Oct. 30.

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