Hello everybody!! I've been following the show since it first started, but my country is very far behind on the episodes, and I'm currently watching the last few of the fourth season.

But I have a few questions about 2 plots lines that I don't know where the heck they went... I'd like to know if I missed some episodes, or what? 'cause so where i've seen, it looks like they just dropped them.

1. What ever happened to this guy that could heal/couldn't get hurt and that never aged? The one that Hiro helped in that crazy-long Japanese past he went to? I remember the last time I saw him, Hiro left him buried, did he ever come out? What ever happened to him and his storyline?

2. And even more confusing to me is, after Peter got kidnapped and had amnesia and stuff, and was found somewhere in Europe, he kinda fell for the sister of the guy that had him right? Then they went into the future where some kind of virus had wiped the entire city, and at some point they were running away and some guys caught the girl and he just kept running swearing to come back, or something along those lines.........Whaaaat just happened there? I don't think i've seen any more from that virus plot, or that girl or whatever.

Sorry for the long post, please heeeelp! Thaaankss!

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1. Adam was stopped by Hiro at the end of Season 2, he trapped him in a coffin underground where he would stay forever. Then in Season 3, Angela made Hiro dig him up again, to get him to help, but then Arthur took his powers and Adam crumbled to dust on the floor without them.

2. She is stuck in the future that does not exist now, there's no way of finding her. The writers were planning on letting the virus be released at what is now the end of Season 2 and she would be found again, but due to the writer's strike, they cut that entire storyline.

Hope that helps :]

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Looks like you haven't seen any episode of S3. 

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yeah seams that you have missed almost all season 3. why are you waiting to see them in tv. just download all the episodes that you have missed from torrentz.

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