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i have spent A LOT of time recently creating this site dedicated to spreading the word of Hayden! i even created the site banner myself! I thought any fans might want to check it out and if you signed up and created an account i would be soo happy as i am new and don't have many vistors at the moment. Please vistit

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Thank you, tell me what you think

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I'm sorry to hear that...that's really sad

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Me too. :(  So you dedicated an entire site to the least interesting hero on the show.  I personally think she plays a better character in the acne medication commercials she's in than she does on the show.

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I always thought they just added her for ratings... some blonde teenage girl that would get horny teenage guys to watch the show. After the whole thing with Gretchen, my opinion still stands.

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I think there is somewhat hope for her...I would love to see her and Hiro travel to Japan and learn Sword fighting.

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