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Discuss the "Duel" Episode from Season 3 here.

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Seems like a lot is going to down, I hope is a good episode I don’t want to be disappointed.

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I read some spoiler about Claire and H.R.G. that i am not happy with but let see what happens... 



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I'm looking forward to this new episode. I'm going to donwload it tommorow. I think Haitan won't stop Sylar. 

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Best Episode of the Series in my opinion.  However i dont think this episode has been up to scratch as its rather hard to keep track of who's a villian and who isn't, they change so quickly

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Theres only 3 people left to fight (if that) Knox, Flint, and Sylar.   Right now the Haitian is in pursuit of sylar.  I hope that they have great fight scenes tonight.

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1) Where is Caitlin.

2) Why did Hiro not loose his power in the past during the eclipse but then lost his power this season during the eclipse? He stopped time so he would not be hit by the arrows coming at him.

3) Sylar and his changing opinions.

4) Give Peter his power back.

5) Kill off Tracy. I am sick of Ali.

6) What happened to Micah and Monica. People with power don't just disapear. Eps. if they can ,ake electronics do whatever they want. Shouldn't there be some backlash as Monica got his whole family killed. Who comes out of that okay with no emotional effects??????

7) Kill Knox, Maya and Flint.Worst Characters ever. Why did they kill Adam. How stupid. Did they not get the memo that we hated Maya?

8) Fire: Adam Armus, Kay Foster, Aron Eli Coleite, Joe Pokaski, holly Dale, Jeannot Szwarc and Greg Yaitanes. Yes this can not be done during the episode, just release it in the press before the show so we feel better.

9) Why did Daphne not fall down when the Haitian was stopping her power?

10) How did Hiro stop time to fake kill Ando without Daphne seeing?

11) How did Aurthur sneak up on the "African-Issac" Pre-cog?

12) What the hell was "the light" and how come Aurhtur can give away that power to a liquid and not just give the power to the marines? Remember they have a whole bunch of bad guys at the company he could just take away their power and give it to a Marine???????

13) How the hell can Daphne drag people at her speed by just touching them? Does she have super strength?

14) Why did fututre peter have a scar across his face?It was a different future.

15) How can Maya be free after killing an entire village in south america. How messed up is New JErsey, the place she lives now?????

16) What was Mohinder doing with the people and how come he stopped?

17) How come there are sooooooo many eclipses?

18) HRG is now just as confusing as Sylar. With the company, against the company, on his own, back with the company, back with his family...make up your mind!!!!

19) Stop killing the characters the audience likes while keeping the ones we hate. We love to hate Sylar, he makes a good story...but we plain just hate Maya and knox.

20) Fire the person who came up with the countdown show...it destroyed the illusion created by the actors.

21) What was up with the African mixture which allowed you to see the future?????? Explain that.

22) When you bring back a Character like George Takei, make him do more then the basic thing he always did...lecture Hiro. its old. Time for him to fight...

23) If a Character is going to die make it more dramatic. Everything this volume happened too fast and awkward. Basically it came across on screen as not a big deal. Aurthurs death as well as Adams, even Elles death were all weak.

24) Way to destroy the cool idea of time travel. It is what it is...over used.

25) Why would Issac just make a 9th wonders in his sketch book without publishing it?

26) Peter is wanted for Murder in Montana still. Parkman informed his mother that his finger prints were all over the crime sceen.


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WOW that is a lot of things to fix...  

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I love that the President was black!  Way to drag Obama into it!  lol


So what happened with Sylar?  Did the fire burn off whatever was in his head?

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Who was that black actor?

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