I am very happy to say I've kicked the Heroes habit.

I loved the the show at first, but I think once the writer's strike happened, this show did a 180.

I kept watching and watching and realizing that I was only doing so out of habit and hope. It has now been three months and not a single episode... I still get tempted... but I remind myself to do something productive instead.

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Joel in DC

WHAT THE FUCK?!  This is the WORST show ever!!!!  What kills me is the writers HAVE to be sabotaging this once great show!!!  So Peter forgives Sylar?!  Seriously?  Aye asshole....Sylar killed your brother like 2 DAYS ago.  Jesus!  And what the hell is with Claire?  She has GOT to be the DUMBEST bitch on the WHOLE planet!  She's known her father for like FOREVER but she's sooooooo fucking stupid that Samuel could convince her otherwise.  " had a family and your wife was killed by a psycho with powers?  Why didn't you tell me?!  I'M SO MAD AT YOU FOR NO FUCKING REASON?!  AAAAAaaaaugh...this is the worst show EVER!!!  And the END....DID YOU SEE THE END?!  The multiple guy tries to scare Sylar and Peter?  This is how far this show has fallen....that this NOBODY can punk the only two characters that were SOME WHAT worth while....I hate this show.

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None of that is legit criticism.  Claire got ma at HRG for threatening her best friend only a few months ago, shokcer...,then the multiple guy thing was a CLIFFHANGER i.e maybe he didnt scare them, maybe Sylar will fling them around no problem, you don't know, you haven't seen the next episode yet...all the anger is unnessecary.

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You guys are seriously deluded. I liked how, from reading the comments, if someone doesn't like the show they're immediately branded an idiot. I don't see how you can possibly justify that this show has moved in even remotely the right direction.


Someone tell me something, anything constructive about what has happened this season. There has been no character development, with the exception of ruining the best villain on a TV show (Sylar). Hiro had a tuma, it went. Claire and HRG still argue, then make up a couple of weeks later. Claire is still the same character she was in season 1. The confused girl who just wants to fit in is getting old!


Parkman has disappeared off the face of the earth after brick walling a serial killer in his basement? What?! Tracey Strauss appears for 3 seconds and then is gone as though the writers though 'we need to give her some screen time, she's still contracted to the show...that'll do'....What on earth must Ali Larter have thought when she was told "We need you for about 5 minutes of filming."


There has been no build up to anything this season. Samuel talked about a big plan of getting all the specials together in one place. I presumed it was to make him more powerful and then he was going to breed destruction. Nope, it was to build a house for his girlfriend, who didn't want it and it's sent him mad and now he wants to breed destruction. What a shit villain (don't get me wrong, apart from this his character is excellent, but they ruined him by putting that stupid house and girlfriend in the story).


And how random is the Emma story? It's as if they thought..."Crap we don't have a cliffhanger for the season finally. Well let's just have Angela dream she kills loads of people." "Okay then." It has come out of no where and has no suspense at all going into the final episode!!! Even though the storyline is crap, I was at least expecting the puppet guy to get hold of her at Samuel's request at the end of the penultimate episode, so then we know why she's going to do it and there's suspense going into the episode.


There is no suspense going into the finally at all! Remember season 1, with Sylar stood on the roof and fireballs in his hands 'BOOM'. Season 2 had Peter and Adam arriving at the company and we knew full well that they were there to unleash a virus, with the others ready to stop them. Season 3 had suspense though I can't remember what it was, but I know it was better than this!


The cliffhanger as we enter the final episode, the carnival has gone to New York. Brilliant. Why? We need an explanation of what Samuel motives are do ever get excited about this! We can presume he wants to bring New York to its knees, but surely he wants the 'normal' people to know who he is, to beg forgiveness from he and his kind. This is surely not all going to happen in the same episode as the Hiro storyline, Sylar/Nathan/Emma storyline, HRG and Claire storyline.


The samuel storyline should've progressed weeks before hand so that the viewer knows his intent, mystery can only last so long before it just gets silly. As this is proving.


Now I am begging you, someone prove me wrong on what I have just sent. With logical, constructive responses. Not 'you're an idiot' or 'if you don't like it stop watching'.


I can tell you now, I still watch it for three reasons. 1. Milo Ventimiglia 2. Zachary Quinto 3. In the vein hope that at some point the show might recover it's lost charm. I will continue to watch it for these reasons too, but dear oh dear, they have made it into one awful show.

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Hello all!  As a guest I have enjoyed reading the various opinions posted on this forum for some time and now I feel it is my turn to say something.  To all the noble, true and forgiving Heroes fans, please refrain from lambasting me for stating following, but...  Matt Parkman is one of, if not the worst characters on Heroes.  How is it that all of a sudden he possesses such a strong command of his ability in order to trap Sylar in "his own worst nightmare" and as of Season 4 Episode 6 "Strange Attractors"  he couldn't prevent Sylar from taking over his mind to save his life (or at least that poor good Samaritan that stopped to help change his rental car tire!!)?  And, where the hell did he get all those bricks from???  What, Matt Parkman moonlights as a brick mason now? What is this rip off from Edgar Allan Poe? I know the character writing for Heroes has been atrocious as of late but come on man!!  Phew!  There i've said it.  That mini-tirade has been weighing heavily on my chest for some time now.  Thank you for letting me vent, that was indeed cathartic. 

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Well Season 3 destroyed this series anyways. Season one was great, Season two was doing good, but Season 3 they totally went crazy. Sylar gets too powerful, Peter gets ruined, Claire becomes sone freakish weird vigilante, Seresh turns into the fly. And everyone gets super abilities.

It's like typical liberal hollywood writers took the show over or something. Claire is always pushing the woman's lib thing, and it's getting annoying, You have the lesbian relationship thing going on, all the bad guys are just misunderstood so we get to be introduced to shows about the moral grey zone, it's awful. They even destroyed the brotherly love thing with Peter and his brother. All the plot holes and inconsistencies. It's bad. It looks like to me some typical hollywood libs took hijacked this show to try and push their garbage on us until the show collapses from the baggage. Seriously I like to relax at home and not see this krap all the time.

I think at the moment if I hear Claire say one more smart reply to her dad I will scream. He should have smacked her good already, she is disrespectful and annoying. This guy sacrifices himself routinely for her and she gets this ungrateful attitude. Seriously getting annoying. And then there is Sylar, I wish he had died at the end of Season one. I have given up on Petrelli getting his abilities back, it's obvious they meant to destroy his character and make this series into the "Sylar" show.




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Jeff is Done

This was my favorite show.  I deleted it from my TIVO and will not watch this ever again.  It was getting worse every year, but the Lesbo-relationship crap pushed me over the edge.  I could even deal with the "green network" doing a "green theme" in the show.  But seriously, you can't shove liberalism down my throat forever.  Stop being so progressive NBC and just entertain us.  We don't need to feel sensitive to the "plight of the misunderstood".  Gah... I'm irked that I spent 4 years watching this only to delete it like this.  What crap.


Good bye.

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I know this is a Heroes forum, and we shouldn't talk about other shows on here, but my point about Heroes needs something to measure against.

Last night, in the UK, i watched the return of LOST for their final season.

I have watched LOST from the beginning, as with Heroes. I use to say Heroes was better than LOST. I used to think Heroes was a much better show. I have commented on this forum for a while now, mainly defending Heroes, placing my hope for Heroes on these pages.....

Well no more. watching LOST last night has made me realise just how far Heroes has slipped. I'm afraid the people on here who said we blindly follow this show no matter what crap we get delivered are right.

we do blindly follow Heroes, in the hope of a return to glory. but for how much longer? LOST is in its final season, and has gotten better and better with each passing season.

flashforward is another great show, which at the moment, is also better than Heroes.

These types of shows are a measure against each other. I know they are not the same genre, but it is not about that. it is about committing yourself to a show.....and personally i can only commit to a certain number of shows (time is always against me).

with this last episode approaching, I'm afraid I am finished with Heroes. Unless something special happens in the finale, I will concentrate on shows which improve over time.

It is a shame, as i consider myself a die-hard Heroes fan, but there is only so much I can take.....i have been awoken to quality tv with the return of LOST, Heroes pales into insignificance!

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Thats a shame. I always liked reading your opinions because they balanced out the rest of the negativity.

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thanks ravenhill. but to me, this last episode has brought a little redemption. it is still not as good as LOST (sorry) but because of the improvements this season from last season, i still have hope (ok i'll admit i'm an addict).

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