Okay, diving in.

>Angela's sister was in episode ten '1961' which was in season four, at least wiki heroes or something to keep your stuff straight.

Nope, officially that was season 3, but they did call it "volume 4". Nice try though.

> and just so you know that episode was to add depth to Angela whom we all thought of as a B!tch the entire time.

Yeah great. My point is it came out of nowhere and was anticlimactic. It also had nothing to do with the government goon story arc, which was "resolved" in volume 5 with a couple sentences of dialogue.

> 3.) 'Is it too much to ask for the heroes to come together and start kicking ass?' You want them to start a league of heroes and wear tights too?

I want them to do something other than decide not to use their powers, avoid each other, get amnesia, or get caught by the company or the government, which is basically all they ever do.

Peter's the only hero worth a crap, and him only occasionally.

> 4.) I'd be a little more leinient on this if you used Sylar as a ref. rather than ali. Ali Larter is a TRIPLET.

Sylar has to live because he's basically the only reason to keep watching the show. His character is too interesting and the actor is too good for him to die. Ali Larter is annoying, and she only became a triplet after they killed her twice. It's just further evidence that the writers make this crap up as they go along.

>  6.) okay, you complain when there is story line and you complain that their isn't I don't want to give a goddamned summerary okay? Peters powers were sapped by his dad, I don't care what you think that the writers thought while they were writing this shit up.

Yeah, well, you're free to ignore it....

>  7.) Claire is just one of the main characters ! or haven't you noticed? she's also a teenage girl, whose more fugged up than normal and is especially spoiled and has a reletively cushioned life. being a freak is hard to get over, like I said, if you want to see character 'progress' don't expect it over a few episodes. 

Okay, I have to call BS here. Every episode involving Claire and Noah and Sandra has the same dialogue, and the same conflict. Claire wants to tell the truth. Noah wants to lie. Sandra is either clueless, or wants Noah to sleep on the couch. If by a few episodes, you mean 70+ episodes, then okay. Otherwise, you're just blind to it because you like the show.

 > So there those are perfectly viable, show/fact based answers to your objections. I understand just fine that you dislike the show but please respectfully accept these alternative thoughts in the matter and we can agree to disagree. Since I've strained my vision reading your thoughts I hope you apprieciate me putting SPACES inbetween my 'WALLS OF TEXT' as so your eyes may relax.

I definitely agree to disagree. I get it. I loved season 1 of the show, and I'm still watching it, hoping it will match the glory days, but these days I find it unintentionally funny, rather than dramatic. For example, in volume 4, Surresh says to Hiro (paraphrase), "It's a shame you lost your powers. From what I've heard they'd be very useful right now." I must have laughed for about 5 minutes.

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Why is that funny?

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It's funny because Hiro's powers have almost never been useful.

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A for Avarice

First of all..

 I apprieciate you spacing that. And yes I realized after I re-read my thing that I ment to put 'part four' rather than season 4. but I can't edit on this site ;_;

I get everything you wrote back, I mean its opinion on facts so, I can't argue with your point of veiw on it, just that mine is different.

- and for seven her whining just never particularly bothered me and it never seemed unfounded for her personality anyways. I mean moving, and forcing yourself to be unspectacular at school bloooows.

-Sylar is my favorite character, I used him as an example because he comes back a helluva lot more than Ali does. and again the tripletts thing tied in with them doing experiments and trying to give people powers, (like nathan), and the fact is we basically don't know shit in the first season about anything or anyone at all so her being a triplett doesn't (didn't) really surprise me.

oh, and Heroes is never going to be as awesome in the as the first season, though personally I find certain episodes just as enjoyable and so far I like what they've done with it. 


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Lost Fan

Prepare to be served Heroes fans.  Here we go.

The writers of Heroes should be banned from TV writing for the rest of their lives.  Seriously, what the F has happened to this show?!?  It has gotten progressively worse each season.  There is no ongoing storyline.  The characters seem like they are doing the same thing they were doing in season one.  It seems like the writers are just throwing stuff to the wall seeing what sticks.  It’s almost as if they are relying on a group of manatees and “idea balls” to determine what the next episode will be about.  Here are some random things that annoy me about the show.

1.)  There are no shocking moments anymore.  For instance, how many times have we seen someone die and come back to life on the show?  Is anyone even surprised or shocked anymore when someone dies?  You can almost assume they won’t stay dead.  The only people they ever permanently kill off are weak secondary characters that nobody cares about.

--- At the end of season one Peter is the “exploding man” and explodes in mid-air… then immediately regenerates and comes back to life.

--- In the same episode, Sylar is stabbed and killed by Hiro.  OMG… then he is brought back to life by some chick in season two.

--- At the end of season two, Noah Bennet is shot in the head and killed… And then he is back in the next episode because Claire revives him with her blood.

--- Some time during season two, Nikki Sanders is killed… And then her character is basically brought back in the form of Tracy Straus.  Weak.  (By the way, I thought some old guy once said that Tracy and Nikki were two of three triplets?  So… what happened to the other one?  Did the writers just forget about this?  Why not just say they were twins if they were never intending on introducing the third one?  Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.)

--- No spoiler alert, but I guarantee that sometime during this season Nathan’s “real body” will come back to life via Claire’s blood or something.  Speaking of that, why didn’t they just do that (or find another Healer) in the first place instead of relying on the whole Parkman mind switch/body switch thing when Nathan was killed?  Pathetic.

--- In recent episodes Matt Parkman commits suicide by cop and they also show Mohinder dead at the end of the episode.  Of course, both of them end up being fine.  Shocker.

I mean, for example, did anyone for even one second actually believe Mohinder would stay dead?  Was it supposed to be shocking for us to see him laying there lifeless??  Was that supposed to be a huge cliffhanger, leaving us anxiously awaiting the next episode?  Anyone with half a brain knew either Claire would inject her blood into him, or Hiro would go back in time and save him, or someone else with healing abilities would revive him.

2.)  They have totally destroyed the entire concept of time travel.  I love the idea of time travel.  Movies and shows like Lost, Frequency, Back to the Future, and The Butterfly Effect have always intrigued me.  I understand it is silly to debate the rules of time travel, but each of those aforementioned shows had a certain set of “rules” they established and followed in regards to time travel.  But, what Heroes has done with their concept of time travel is a joke.

What happened to Matt and Daphne getting married?  What happened to Sylar living in Suburbia with a kid?  What happened to Ando turning on Hiro?  What happened to Mohinder turning into a genetically mutated monster?  What happened to Nathan becoming President?  None of that happened!  You can’t show a future with all of this, and then just forget about it.  It’s ridiculous.

And don’t get me started on the “future” with dark-haired Claire and scar-on-his-face Peter.  What was up with that?  I understand that this was a “future” where people with powers are hunted because Nathan had that press conference revealing his powers.  But, once Nathan was shot and prevented from making that announcement, wouldn’t that “future” cease to exist?  Wouldn’t scar-on-face Peter just disappear right then and there?  He should have, but he didn’t.  They continued to show episodes with this imaginary future, even though there was no chance of it happening. Why?

3.)  Hiro has way too much power.  I mean, after all that has gone on with Sylar, why didn’t someone just tell Hiro to go back in time and stop Sylar’s mom and dad from conceiving?!?  Everything would have been solved!!  Just go back in time and chop his dad’s wee-wee off or something.  I mean, it would suck for him, but it is better than dozens of people dying because of Sylar.  Didn’t the writers and creators think of this stuff when the show was created??

I am a big, big fan of Lost.  Our fan base holds the writers and producers to the highest of standards.  It almost seems unfair that the Heroes writers can get away with this crap writing, but us Lost fans raise hell we think there is the slightest chance we won’t have every mystery solved.

I have invested three years into this once promising program. I can go on and on and on about this disappointing show, but I’ll stop there.  And Heroes supporters, please answer my questions and address my criticisms instead of giving me a retarded response like "Just stop watching!" or "Nobody is forcing you to watch!!".

Thank you.


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I agree, Lost Fan. Lost is far and away a superior show. The writers have made some tiny mistakes, but really nothing like the huge plot holes, dead ends, and red herrings in Heroes. At first I was terribly frustrated by Lost, but they've really done a good job of revealing stuff, and tying up a lot of loose ends.

And I also have to agree that the last time I was shocked with a character dying on heroes was quite a while ago. I guess it would have to be Adam in volume 3.

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I think your BLIND LostFanPeople People do end up Dead on this Show...heres to name a few ---> Daphne, Elle, Alejandro, Simone, Eden, Linderman, Thompson, Knox, Flint, Meredith, Candice, Arthur Petrelli, Adam Monroe, Kaito Nakumura and his wife, Charles Deveux, Nikki and her husband, Denko, and VERY SOON NATHAN (adrian pasdar term is up) 

...There are Plenty of Shock moments espacially with Samuel in the Picture. 


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150 posts

Maj: Well said, and I add to that if you do watch it be positive about it otherwise don't waste your time and ours.

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This is a silly thread with even sillier arguments (kinda like "my show can beat up your show")

We watch because we choose to spend the time. We choose to spend the time because we enjoy it (faults and all). I don't believe there is a real Lost v. Heroes battle to be had since many people watch and enjoy both.

I'll miss Heroes when it leaves, but every show has a life cycle and eventually ends whether it has tight continuity and spot-on writing/acting or not. Maybe NBC will sell the show to FOX or HBO where new things can happen.

Opinion questions are highly subjective - Here are my opinions:

Is Heroes a good TV show? . . . yeah.

Is Heroes flawed? . . . yeah.

Are the flaws annoying? . . . sometimes.

Do they make me want to stop watching? . . . I still havent watched the entire Villains arc.

Is Heroes fun to watch? . . . very! This season has me eager for more.

Should Lost Fan and BoredToTears stop watching Heroes? . . . I don't really care.

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Daphne, Elle, Alejandro..... Like I said "Nobody ever dies on the show EXCEPT WEAK SECONDARY CHARACTERS THAT NOBODY CARES ABOUT".  Nathan will be back within 3 episodes.  That will further prove my point.

What has Samuel ever done that was shocking?

I really want to get back into the show, but it's too hard with this god-awful writing.  Can someone please explain to me what happened with that "future" that was supposed to happen but never did?  Please. 

And I am not trying to start a Lost vs. Heroes Fued.  Why would I do that?  It would be like starting a fued between Mike Tyson a Pee Wee Herman.  I just want you all to answer some of the issues I have with the show. 

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