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I typed this topic in google and found a VERY intelligent blog from asianguyfromillinois.  Here is what he said and I ABSOLUTELY AGREE!!!  Here it is:

Let me tell you that Heroes started out to be a great show.  It had potential.  But seriously?

Heroes today is a complete failure of a show.  The show has gone down the shit hole.  The story line keeps changing and is random as hell.

The cast is never consistent and also keeps changing.  One day Dr. Suresh is a good guy then bad, then super villian with super strength, then a mutant with spider powers that wants to have sex with some chick from south america.  I mean seriously.. what the fuck is this show really about?

Every season keeps getting worse and worse.  It really pains me to even watch a full episode today.  I mean why is this show even called Heroes?  They don’t do anything to save people.  It’s like a soap opera with special effects.  It’s retarded.  I bet 10 year olds can do better with some adobe after effects and some tutorials from video copilot.  I mean c’mon!

The show is going nowhere… I hope this is the last season because it really stinks hard ball sacs.

The potential was there….  but FAILED miserably!

The creator and whoever is directing this shit is a bunch of FAIL.  I just watched an entire episode today and it doesn’t even leave me feeling like I want more.  Horrible piece of crap garbage!  But I guess that’s the okay right?  I mean that’s the standard of today’s television shows…  GARBAGE!

Why do I even own a TV?  FFS….

It’s no wonder why American’s are getting stupid.  I mean compare any 5th grader of a 3rd world country versus our average 5th grader of our country.  I bet you they already know algebra.  Guess what…  most other countries know all our Presidents up to the current one by name!  A lot of american include myself because I don’t get half the quality of an education they do…. don’t know every single President’s name.

People who watch American Idol makes them stupid… don’t even get me started with that show.  It’s stupid and makes you stupid, period.

Conclusion?  Heroes is a show that had it going in the beginning but failed to provide us with a quality show and instead gave us dumb ass drama with no main character and random events happening each time making us viewers stupid and not craving for more.  The plot and show for 1 full hour is pathetic and I say give a 8th grader a video camera and he can make a better show.  After saving the cheer leader…  they have got nothing to show for after that.   Worst show ever?   Possibly!

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If you agree with this moron, why dont the both of you just hop a boat or plane and get the hell outta the country!!! If it is so much better somewhere else then GO!!!! I bet that you two wouldnt last 6 months in another country. You both are probably the garbage of american society today!!! You come on here and bitch about the country you take for granted!!! THIS IS A FORUM FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE THIS SHOW!!! Go somewhere else a bitch. I bet you can find some terroists blog and you can go there and bitch. If you dont like the show at all, stop watching and quit coming on here and complaining that it sucks. Write to NBC and tell them. Dont come here with your crap.

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well, this is interesting.

worst show ever? i think not. i was gonna give a reasoned reply, but it was not a reasoned debate. it was a childish rant about heroes, america and american idol.

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I've no opinion on America since I've never been so can't judge. But I do know Heroes, and there is hope for it. But why bring that rant here? We don't care what you think.

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a 3rd world country would most definitely not have better education than the USA.  If you think that then you have no idea what a 3rd world country is.  Now if you mean other industrialized countries you may have a valid point. In all seriousness though what does American education have to do with Heroes?

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The stupidest thing to me about this is the fact that you actually take the time and effort, to actually come post this about somehitng you don't like.  Why go through all the effort if it is so stupid then?

And if you can't even watch a full episode, how the hell can you comment on it?  If you miss one episode you've missed the plot.  The same as me wanting to judge the US education.  I have never been there, so how the hell can I comment.

I feel sorry for you, hating your fellow americans and country that much - really I pitty you.  I come from South Africa, a third world country, and I do not even hate it.  We are only viewing Heroes Season 3 here!!!  And still I dont complain!!!

Think about your opinions before you post crap like this!!!

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Well I do not like the Heroes show at all. But I have to say that your review is pretty bad, in fact it is just a rant - you didn't really explain WHY the show 'sucks ball sacs'.


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"It’s retarded."


yeah this guy is so intelligent. thanks for the entertainment, loved it. moron.

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I feel the problem with the show is it isn't really entertaining anymore. The storyline (like most American shows) is extremely slow and therefore you forget whats going on. Coming from England we are used to shows lasting roughly 10 shows per season and the storyline moves quickly and freely. Shows like Lost and Heroes suffer massively from being dragged out. I wish they would have a storyline and stick to it with pace.


The characters in this season seem to have no direction and therefore there doesn't seem no actual storyline at all. No background about the new people has been provided so your constantly thinking whats the point of them. It'll probably come together but so far down the line that most people have lost interest. The first season was good because you learnt something new and then wanted to find out more. The new people just seem to slow it down more, and demonstrate the worst Irish accent I have heard on TV.


Bring back powers and better characters.

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Ok "Guest" from England are you only watching the second season with the Irish people.  Not to bust your opinion but American shows are a lot better then England shows.  I couldnt stand Monty Phyton for a Freakin  You have a lot to still watch.

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