It's amazing how fall this show has fallen. It's becoming painful to watch. 

I watch because I used to like the show and want to support it in hopes that it will some day find a direction worthy of all the potential it still has, but give me a break. 

This show has been going nowhere for months now and one thing is for sure, blind support of the show is not making it any better. 

To watch it, you have to suspend every ounce of intelligence you have to swallow the storyline. All the inconsistencies and random changes are annoying to say the least. 

-Why on earth are all these people won over by Samuel. He's the perfect picture of a snake oil salesman. No one in the real world would trust this guy. 

-Sylar has been too powerful for too long now and without Peter to balance him, the show itself has no balance of good vs evil. 

-The Claire/College/Gretchen storyline had potential as the first time to really develop Claire's character. But they ruined that in two episodes. 

-Hiro needs his sword back = he needs a true purpose. He character has done nothing but devolve over the last couple of years. And now a brain tumor has been fixed by Crimson Lightning??? 

-Kill Suresh, kill Parkman, kill Angela Petrelli, kill the flower-growing homeless guy, kill Samuel and just about everyone at the circus. I.e., it's time to cut production costs by getting rid of all these useless characters. Stop adding a "freak of the week" to develop the storyline. I forgive that on Smallville or Merlin, but on Heros it's really insulting. 

-Samuel as Magneto is not working and it never will work. Asking for patience is one thing, but hopelessly dragging 3 episodes worth of Samuel over 15 weeks is pathetic and obviously (based on ratings) is costing viewership! 

End the Samuel storyline gracefully by having Sylar realize himself and cut Sam's head open. This way the final season can be about a truly powerful Sylar, a Peter and Hiro that get their powers back, and a small band of support characters that are a lot wiser and more grown up than Season 1. 

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