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I can't Wait!!! Just a little mad at sylar though, IF he works with Danko- and curious to see how the mikah storyline grows...
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They still need to explain how Danko has the authority that was supposed to go to HRG after he saw Nathan fly.  I would have just been happy where Danko picks up the phone and says "Mr. President Nathan is one of them." and the President responds "Your in charge".  What was that 2 seconds which could have fixed a major GAP. Interesting to see this "TEAM UP" with Sylar and Denko, but honestly I wouldnt mind seeing Sylar die now.   

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Forget how danko got the job... They still havent explained how Sylar is alive from last season. Sylar is using him to pick the winning side plaus he can get all the abilities he could want to feed on.

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there is no proof that danko is in charge of everything. he is the only one that saw nathan fly!! no cameras were on when that happend, micha turned them off cause if you notice that the little red light on the camera wasnt on. i believe that danko is still operating rogue. he refers to HIS team alot!! on the other hand danko might be in charge cause the only other person to witness danko doing that way HRG!! and he is supposed to get danko to trust him per angela, so he could have very well backed up dankos story to the prez, even though we didnt see it. only time will tell. tracy though is some definate shananagians!! how the hell did she go from being able to freeze to T100??? thats a little bit of a strech for me unless her ability is the manipulation of moister, then she would be able to form a mist of a person then freeze and thaw. And how did peter know that his mom was in trouble??? does this mean that peter found out who rebel was and that molly is with rebel and he went from there??? i mean we know that micha has technopathy and can axcess anything that is computer based and the gov"t is definately in the techno age so he can track every move they make, but how does he find each hero??? molly maybe???

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I bet Danko finds out about HRG being the insider for the resestience.  I hope Peter and Angela reconcile. 

Looking forward to the moments between Nathan and Claire seeing the love blossoming between them. Sweet and cute. 


All in all, looking forward to this episode period. and have been ever since the title came out 


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Milcmann - Isn't easy enough to assume that the building collapsed and lit on fire which probably would have melted the piece of glass in his head and brang him back to life. It's freakin Sylar. If he can survive a nuclear explosion I don't think a little building collapsing on him would phase him at all.

Maj - I agree that they should have atleast briefly explained the Denko in charge. HRG should have just thrown Denko's ass out that window after Nathan. That would have solved this whole crisis and Nathan would still be in charge.

My predictions for tonight. Sylar makes a deal with Denko but Denko doesn't discover Sylars hunger until its too late. Guessing Sylar tricks him by using one of his minor powers and says its his only one and he wants to join Denko's team. Sylar will probably aquire another power tonight. Guessing one of the people sedated in Denko's facility. This may be a stretch but hoping Peter and Hiro get together. Matt Parkmans baby can give Peter his old power back or something similar to what he had. Want to see Ando supercharge Hiro so he gets his full ability back or supercharge Peter so he can hold more than one power at a time.

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Baby Matt Parkman, Hiro and Ando will have a crucial part in the next few episodes.  Baby will need to fully restore Hiro, however, I feel that he may turn Hiro's powers on and off as he did with the TV.  This may occur an an inopportune moment.  Ando may be able to super-charge Peter and enable him to retain more than one power.  The question is, where will they meet?  The writers always come up with a clever meeting place, eg. Season one finale.

Nathan and Claire storyline could be a slow part to the upcoming episodes.  Hiding isn't a heroes' path.

Syler and Danko's relationship will be a chess match and a half.  Danko thinks he knows it all, however, Syler is way too powerful for Danko's intelligence.  The only way Danko will be able to control Syler is with some sort of ability of his own.  However, I don't feel Danko has an ability.  He's all about his "team" and loosing his men to these "fugatives".  Are Nathan and Danko one in the same?  It'll be interesting to see Asylum tonight.

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Props to coolguy18c for saying chess match and a half. I'm gonna wuote you on that sometime

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I really liked this episode.  Interesting interactions between claire and nathan as well as peter, angela, and god.  i like the twist where sylar and danko team up and how HRG thinks sylar has been captured.  It will be interesting to see how Hiro, Ando and Matt all fit into where this is heading.  My guess is Sylar will be hunting them and i enjoyed watching sylar's parts in this episode

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