Although Peter does show more control then Hiro.

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Yeah, what is up with that? Peter shouldn't be able to control it any better than Hiro, should he?

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Honestly, both Hiro and Peter's lack of control over their powers is the most frustrating part of this show for me. Still keeping my finger's crossed that the healer's power in Peter will restore Hiro and Peter's full abilities as well as helping them gain full control over it. 

So far one of my predictions that I previously posted came true: Sylar taking over Parkman's body. 

Hopefully my other predictions will also happen. Otherwise, the healer's power would be gone for good once Peter touches someone else.  Which also means, Peter's really going to just have to sit on his hands until Hiro get's back from his trip. Unless he discovers that he retain more than one ability before then.

....Not to get too far ahead of myself, but after they do get their original powers back, or gain control, or whatever, they need to quit their day jobs and actually start doing something useful with their powers.  Like fighting a new bad guy, maybe going against Samuel's carnival for some reason, or take down a new company. Something!!!

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I hope that Hiro and Peter both get well and get their full old powers.

I also hope they invent a new(even more powerful) villain.

I kinda like the good Sylar.





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