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good ideas...

i cant be arsed finishing mine, so make of it as you will (uncompleted;p)

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Save Heroes

I haven't come up with whole plot yet. But I think they should go back to what made the 1st season so great.

Back ground

The season begins in the future 2 years from when Claire exposed the people with abilities to the world. The Country is divided and the government is creating unconstitutional laws against the people with abilities. Resticting them from certian areas and throwing them in jail when they use their powers. Even if its to help someone! Their are regular people that support these people with abilities and are trying to help and fight back.  

1) Lets bring in another character or a present one that can paint the future. That worked very well with Issac painting the future in season 1 and setting up the plot for the show.

2) Lets try to bring back some characters that the fan's loved. I wouldn't be upset if they figured out away to bring Adam, Arthur, Elle, Claude and even Nathan back. This is really a super hero show and it's not unusual for villians or heroes to come back some how. They don't have to bring all of them back. But if they brought an Adam, Elle or an Arthur back. I believe that would interest more viewers to tune in.

3) Have Hiro and Peter regain their powers back. Bring back Claude to help them.

4) Lets bring back time travel! It was used so effectively in season 1 and I think if they use it again it would be very entertaining. You can make a whole season based on Hiro and Peter trying to fix the past. Have Hiro's friend Ando dead which gives Hiro more incentive to fix the past. And they become obessed in doing so just like Future Hiro was in season 1. 

5) Lets have the Heroes interact with people without abilities and maybe have them save some people with there abilities through the course of the show.

6) Now if they don't bring back an Adam or Arthur. They need to create a villian that gives Sylar and Peter (Peter with all his powers) a run for their money.

7) Have Claire find her purpose by leading and underground railroad. Along side Micah, Suresh and Noah.

8) I think Matt should be working for the Government like he was in the future of season 1. He played a good bad guy.

9) I know some people would like to see Claire dead. But to kill another person off from the Petrelli family would be cruel. Angela might as well take a gun to her head and end it. To many families have been torn apart in this show. Noahs, Matts and Micahs just incase you forgot. Can we have a few happy endings.



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I loved you're ideas, sylarsgood.


However, I would had another faction. an extremist all NORMAL human faction, that would have ideas such has Hitler: the complete anihilation of enhanced humans. Howvever, they wouldn't only pursue the enhanced humans. They would also make terrorist attacks on normal people, but they would act like they had powers too, in order to lead the normal humans to hate the evolved ones and make governments around the world to create laws against them. The leader of this faction, could be a Prime Minister of some country, why had a family member killed by an evolved human, or even just because they want to use the attacks for other reasons, such as economical ones. This Minister should be of an Fictional Country, so NBC wouldn't be accused of racism.


There could also be, side stories, like the new leader of the Carnival, or they lives as fugitives, since they will probably be persecuted, because everyone will know that was the Carnival where Claire Bennet jumped of the Ferris. Then, they could ally themselves with REBEL and try to stop the terrorist faction.


Since, i also agree with Claire's death (even though i doubt it will happen), Heroes wouldn't need a lot of useless characters: like Gretchen (I disliked the Claire-Lesbian, because it appears that they do that now in almost every show...its not original anymore), Sandra and Lyle Bennet, Mr-Muggles, etc...


Mohinder will probably die to (or they will just erase the character), so Parkman could reunite with Molly. If Parkman turns bad, he can use Molly to find other evolved humans and ally himself with the Human faction, in a agreement in order to keep is own family safe.

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