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I thought syler could not kill clair because he tried but she just regenerated. and according to hiro when he comes from the future he says she dies and thats why all these problems does this mean syler can kill clair or does someone or something else supposed to kill her...? what do you think?

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To save the world, the Heroes had to save Claire from Sylar.  Sylar can't kill Claire, he can take her powers as we already know.  The world needed to be saved from Sylar.  Because he is so powerful, once he obtained the regeneration power, he would be unstoppable much like he is now.  I believe this is what Hero was saying in season 1.

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Saving the Claire caused a series of events.

1) Sylar didn't get her power.

2) If peter didn't save her. She wouldn't have went to NY to go find him.

3) She jumps out the window to escape Angela and Nathan.

4) Nathan was already torn by his brother living with killing all those people and blowing up NY. And now he had his daughter about to blown up to. I don't think she can regenerate from ash?

5) It was more then Sylar getting her power from Claire. Peter saving her brought them together. You wrong Pater save the cheerleader, We save the world. Love that part.

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Agree with Coolguy18c. Guess Claire will last to the end of the show because She's so pretty and adorable that shouldn't be killed. One show should have at least one beauty in my opinion. I love claire & Heroes.

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Good points John, It was actually more deeper than just sylar getting her power. It brought claire to her real family. And when Claire jumps out the window to escape Nathan and Angela. You can see in Nathans face that he wants to go help her and then Angel say's no I know what your thinking. What a season they really made everything come together in the end.

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