I have mixed reviews on season 4. It went from pretty good to okay during the course of the season. Their were many flaws in this season once again.

I found the beginning of the season entertaining. Samuel was mysterious and I wasn't sure what he was planning to do. Besides making the world a better place for specials. But what I understood about samuel that he was powerful and the more specials around him made him even more powerful. To see him alone on a few occasions and take down two buildings on his own and also when he pulled up the road to stop Noah from getting to him. Then they say he has no power's at all without his carnies. These writers seem confused with their heroes powers. They could of had Samuels powers go from taking down buildings on his own to having him take down cities with specials around him. The more specials the bigger things he can take down. That's not a hard concept to grasp.

Claires constantly fighting with Noah and she did have every right being upset at him for covering up Nathans death. But this fight could of been avoided if Noah said to Claire I need your blood.

Sylar being a good guy, I think he's done to much bad to become a good guy. As much as I like his character. He should of been killed off in season one or became a good guy in season 3 along side Elle.

The major turning point was Nathan being killed off. That's when the show really went from entertaining to boring. First off the major flaw was that Nathan could of been saved with Claires blood and it doesn't matter how much time went by that he was dead. Because noah got shot in season 3 and was brought back to life from Caires blood later on. If your going to kill off a character do it in away that he can't be brought back. But with time travel that's impossible to not be able to save someone from death. Obivisouly you can't save every character that dies. But people have to care enough to go back and save them. I think Peter, Claire and Angela would of cared enough! But Nathan had the most potential being involved in politics for a great story line. but they keep Tracey around who has nothing going on in her life whats so ever, Ando to translate Hiro talking like a kid again and Suresh who can't make up his mind on what he wants to do with his life. And Suresh ends up leaving the show anyway!

I hope Tim and his writers bring this show back to the way it was in season 1 or some what close.

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