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All the things I mentioned below may be considered as the supports for my favorite tv series—Heros . Firstly Immitataion Man—Peter. The younger brother of fly man,why I call him immitation man.?Some people say that the ability of Peter is to absorb super ability while I am not agree with this point.The DNA of the immitation man should belong to the dissociative state.It seems as if he can perceive the thoughts of the super ability owners for he can know what happened to her brother even if he is in his dreams! Secondly Fly man—Nathan The elder brother of the immitation man.As for the reason why he can fly ,there isn’t any obvious manifestation.For my own understanding,there are two reasons:firstly,he can control the air flow to make himself achieve the state of flying.Secondly,he can ignore his own quality. Thirdly Mind-read man He is a man without confidence but can read other people’s eyes.Perhaps he can contact with other people without talking. Temporarily,however,he can only read mind. Fouthly Big eye girl There is another name for her,persuative girl.I feel that her ability is not to change other people’s thoughts but cover their eyes.To let them believe or follow her thoughts to act. All these above are some of my personal perspectives of Heros .I am a fan into sci-fi series.I hope more people can share their ideas with me.

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