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I'm guessing I won't get many replies now interest has died down after the series finale, but I've been dying to ask this question about season one.

How did Sylar know that he would be able to use his intuitive aptitude to obtain Brian Davis' power when he killed him? Seems an awful risk if he didn't have a general idea of what was going to happen. You don't just murder a guy, examine his brain, and expect superpowers as a result.

Is there some supreme logic I am missing here? Sylar seemed to know that he was 'special'. However, when he reacted to Chandra's test results, he didn't give any indication that he knew specifically about his power: the ability to see how things work. Furthermore, how is that in any sense, the ability to predict the future?

Replies will be well appreciated. I find myself somewhat... repellent on forums. 

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