I think another big problem with the show is the killing off of loved ones on the show. It get's upsetting to seeing families getting torn apart. Here are some examples. Now some of these examples I'm fine with the out come and some I'm not.

1) What happened to Nathan's kids and Im assuming exwife. If the writers were smart they would have his kids develop abilities and involve them into the story. And then of course Nathan dying for like the 3rd time. Poor, poor, poor Peter, the say Adrian and Milo are close in real life. You can tell by watching them in the show together and to kill his brother off in the show is just plain cruel.

2) Hiro lost his Mother and Father.

3) Sylar killing his own mother!

4) Matt losing Daphne, When they were suppose to be together with a baby. According to the painter in Africa.

5) Mich losing his mother and father. Mich the orphan, oh he has his grandma to raise him.

6) Peterilli family losing the Arthur.

7) Elle losing her father (even if he was a jerk and she was better off) Then she gets killed. Tough luck for the Bishop family.

8) Now Noahs family didn't get killed. But they got a divorce, which is another break down in the family structure.

9) Claire losing her real father and mother.

10) Haitan killing his own brother. Even know he was a bad guy and deserved it. just another example.

11) Matt losing his father as well.

12) Nathans kids losing their own father.

13) Charles losing Simone in season one.

14) Maya losing her brother.

Are you begining to see the trend here. These people's lives were suppose to be better off with abilities especially Peters, because that's what he wanted. I'm not saying everything should smell like roses. But After a while people would get depressed seeing that evil is winning out all the time. If I was them, I would wish never to have these abilities. Seeing what their lives have become. Did we all watch or read comic super hero movies and shows to see the villians kill a spiderman, wolverine, batman, Iron man or superman. No we watched because we wanted the good to over come evil. Even though the good guys win in heroes. Their overall all lives have been torn apart and who's to say that evil didn't win out in the end.

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Wow John good point, The show should be called how to have a disfunctional family. And know wonder Claire complains all the time. Her real parents are dead and adapted parents are divroced and disfunctional.

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I think the worst mistakes are this:


- The easy and fast way the characters die...especially the badass villains.


- The fact, that female characters are usually weak compared to the men.


- The most annoying character on the show: Claire. I just don't like her. She's boring as hell and they won't do nothing for that character besides the angsty teenage girl.

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Thats funny Peter, how to have a disfunctional family.

Good point John, It is kinda of depressing. My god Claire does have a screwed up family life.

Rehnaxia they do kill off villains way to easily. The biggest mistakes were Adam, Arthur, Elle and Bob. It would've been cool to see Adam and Sylar working together at one point.

The only female character that kicked a$$ was Niki and Jessica. I think Jessica was most underated villain of them all and she was ruthless. She killed many people by tearing them apart, had sex with Nathan to frame him, killed the undercover FBI guys, tried killing her husband with a sniper rifle, had awesome run in with Matt and knocked him throught the window.


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Good point John

It was sad in spiderman when Peter lost his Uncle. But if he was to lose his Grandma and then Mary Jane. Then that would be depressing. Just like the last few seasons of Heroes has been. And if you follow most super heros shows, comics and movies. They usually have the hero save there loved ones. You can have a good story without people dying all the time!

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Also to add to this. The 1st and 2nd season was based on average people having abilities. You had future Hiro go back in time to save the world and deliver Peter a message. Hiro saved Ando by teleporting him to his job before he went go fight Sylar in the 1st season (and he only new that by going into the future). But wouldn't you do the same thing if you could travel in time? Matt used his ability and put thoughts into peoples heads and used what they were thinking to his advantage. What would you do if you had his ability? You had Peter who used his abilities to save people and did whatever it took to save his brother Nathan. Flew him to the hospital, saved him with Adams blood from all the burns and gun shots to the chest. Its funny that in season 3 he forgets how to save his brother. They could of used Claires blood at any time (Noah was proof of that), time travel and healing power. What would you do if that was your brother? Sylar used his abilities for his own personal gain. Which is what a bad person would do. My point is that the writers forgot that these were everyday people with special abilities and they forgot what the average person would do.

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