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I like your theory about Alisson's twin sister, but why you think she names Courtney? Maybe you know it thanks to the book..

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Dudes, A is the real Allison..

The real Allison went to an insane assylum and her twin sister traded places with her and pretended to be Allison and the real Allison came back and killed her so thats why they think Allison is dead but its really her twin sister, and the real Allison is -A.

I like the fact that Spencer is with that doctor guy and that Arias mom is kinda giving her and Ezra leave-way to be together, i really don't like Aria's dad Byron though..

Hannah is getting kinda boring..

Maya needs to come back because her and Emily are really hot together.

What's up with Mona? She is also -A, or use to be before the real Allison came back and took over. I never really liked Mona to begin with so she doesn't matter.

Allison killed her twin Courtney and hated her so much for being friends with those "losers" Hannah, Spencer, Emily, and Aria.

I honestly think Allison is a evil coniving bitch and there's only one more episode until she gets revealed!

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You will never know antiill watched it to the end.

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This thing with twin sister and mental hospital is just fu*ked up I haven't read the books so I don't know on what you're basing these statements, but too much killing and it's so twisted and creepy when you think it's the story about the kids in the period of age 14 to 16! Sick!

But remember also, that Halloween episode, when Alli was telling scary story about twin sisters to that boy?

I don't know... I think it's so fu*cked up! But I got so addicted to this show


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Hannah's mom did'nt do it. I don't know who did but not Hannah's mom. "A" is Mona. They never get a text from "A" when Mona is around.

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I still think Jenna and Garret has something to do with Ali's Murder that line "She deserved to die like that" already gives the answer.
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