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up to now we have : 




anymore you guys can think of?xo

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No there no more actor's where I can think of. But what is it with that actor's changing thing? Are they changing the actor into someone they really like when the character of the actor gets a bigger part in the show?

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Who is Kate again? And who played Ian before the dead Ian?

Often actors are replaced if they get other roles and become too busy like in Twilight with Victoria (though that was such a dick move from the production, not Rachel Lefevre). But at times, actors are also replaced if they are cast 'too quick' meaning that they were cast temporary to play a part and when the character get a better storyline and more time onscreen, the actor is replaced for a better fitted character.



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Jason was change so he could look a lot more like the Jason in the books from what I read somewhere. I do not know about the others.

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Kate is Hanna's soon to be step sister... She is the daughter of Hanna's dad's fiance..... We saw her in that ep early last season when Hanna's dad invited her to dinner (I think) only to tell her that he is getting married again (Hanna thought her dad invited her to talk about how he wanted to spend more time with her or something).....

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I cant remember the last Ian...

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Me neither...

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Oh right, thanks! I still don't remember Ian being replaced though... wasn't he first spotted at Ali's memorial? If so, that was the same Ian as always.



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idgi, why are they making Kate/Hanna's step-sister have a more prominent role in this show?

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don't tell me she's related to A.

also what happened to Dr. Sullivan? was she too scared to stay in Rosewood after "Nosey Bitches Die"?

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