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Did anyone notice Emily's mood when Paige entered the pool area during the meet. Yeah she was happy she was fine and all but she had that look the way she gave Maya. 

Also she gave that really sincere look when she got Paige to swim for fun.

I think it would be a cute relationship but I wish Emily would date someone somewhat attractive.

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I know exactly what you mean! The way she looks at Paige is kinda like she's in love with her, so happy and sweet. I hope Maya comes back though, she's hot.But in the mean time she can have a little fling with Paige ;) 

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I think Emily and Paige would be a cute couple , however , I'm not so sure it's right because Paige from what I have witnessed is scared of coming out seeing that she had to dog Emily about her sexuality before finally getting the guts to kiss her (I read the summary). Who knows . But I think a fling between her and Paige would be cute , but I hope Maya comes back soon .

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I think Emily should help Paige accapt her sexuality frst--it seems like she has a lot of inner demons (she said she hated herself at Emily's doorstep) and her relationship with her homophobic dad may be a problem. But after that, they could be a couple.

However a part of me doesn't want them to be, mainly cuz I think Paige is a little cray-cray (see: Paige almost drowning Emily)

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yeah, i really hate Paige. She is seriously crazy, and after almost drowning Emily she wants to make out with her?

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i don't hate her..but the fact that she almost drowned emily and then apologised to her and then kissed her was a tad psychotic.

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I don't really like Paige's character but I think in a sense Emily could help her come to terms with her sexuality. This is something Emily experienced for herself recently so I think it would be good for her to help Paige go through something similar. However, I want a different story for Emily so maybe a relationship with Paige then the complications of Maya coming back would be good too.

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I don't like Paige and Emily bores me in general, though I do liked her relationship with Toby.

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this hookup is fucking fail. she has got to go.

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