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Okay, i have so much to say. this episode seems to have created more questions, then it has answered. I personally think Toby killed Garrett, because when he was in spencer's house after garrett was about to tell her what happened the night ali died and spencer said to toby, he wont tell me unless we're alone and toby says that won't happen (something along those lines) . So i think that when spencer and garrett were talking Toby was like hiding or whatever and then when spencer left to go and get Aria Toby killed Garrett then and when toby was hugging spencer in her house he had a really sketchy look, the 'im going to kill garrett' look. Now about the little girl who was in the last halloween, i really hope she ISNT a ghost because PLL has always been a more realistic horror series and adding a ghost would make it more surpernatural and less realistic; i just dont think ghosts fits in with the theme of the show. Ezra is deffinately up to something; i dont think he was in philidelphia, i think he knows that that kid is his kid but he doesnt want to tell Aria, but i also think he is slighty evil. The hand; here is where i am confused, i cant tell if this is a flashback of the night ali died or not. I am 99.9999999999% sure it is ali because of the braclet on her hand. the writers/director could be playing a trick on us by making us think they 'proved' ali is still alive but then in the next series it turns out that it is just a flashback, and she still did die. I HAVE NO IDEA ANYMORE. 

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Joseph Dougherty confirmed that it was a flashback, which pretty much makes it more confusing.

and I would like to think that Ezra is involved with the A team in some way because his face after he "found" Aria was hilariously shifty. I don't think Ian Harding is a great actor but Ezra is definitely up to something.


also I don't think I would label PLL as a "realistic horror series". I mean lbr the girls are some extremely stupid and naive and have no common sense whatsoever.

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are *sometimes

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