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I really like spencer n toby together. I really hope they don't kill toby in the season 2 finale. Bdw can someone tell me has he also been made a regular like taylor?
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i bet he is,

marlene king faps to him so much it's unhealthy

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probably is. but doesnt he get the same amount of screentime like ezra and caleb? i think ezra is a regular right?

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hope not, this show has too enough pedos already

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i hope he just leaves

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he's not gonna leave, the writers love Keegan too much. And he was dead on to Spencer about always jumping to conclusions on who killed Ali, everytime she decides who killed her it blows up in her face (Toby, Ian, Jason) and yet she still obsesses with proving Garrett guilty, but gets mad at Toby for calling her out on this.
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